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Posted: Wednesday, 26 March 2014 8:34AM

Bill would ban smoking near Louisiana schools

"Smoking ain't allowed in school" says the song, but what about right next to school? An effort to ban smoking within 200 feet of a school is going before the Louisiana Senate for consideration.

A student who lights up on campus would get in trouble, but a student who is at least 18 can walk right off campus and puff away. Sen. David Heitmeier (D-Algiers) wants to change that.

"What we're basically trying to do is clarify the smoke free air act with this for our youngsters," said Heitmeier. "If we can stop our youths from smoking, we will ensure  longer life time and decrease health care costs statewide."

Heitmeier says just a five percent reduction in the rate of smoking in Louisiana could save the state $1.6 billion in health-related costs.

His bill would also apply to school faculty, staff and contractors.

(Image credit: Alessandra De Luca via Flickr/Creative Commons)

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