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Posted: Thursday, 20 March 2014 6:38AM

Bill to beef up penalties for parents going too far at games

Parents who lose their temper while attending their children's sporting events could soon face stiffer penalties under a bill headed to the house floor.

New Orleans representative Cameron Henry says his proposal is in response to increased assaults of officials at athletic events.

"We are having increased activity with referees being assaulted at games or after games on the way to their car about calls they made. Some of these assaults are even happening during the game," according to Henry.
Henry says that the current penalties for battery of sporting event officials are clearly not strong enough and he wants to see fines increased along with possible jail time for offenders.
The lawmaker says, "The penalty went from $500 to no less than $1000 up to $5000. And of course, if you injury the official you could get ten days in jail and possibly be charged on other counts."
Henry says it is unfortunate that legislation like this has to be filed, but something has to be done to curb this type of behavior and he feels this measure will send a clear signal to parents and guardians.
"Parents are just as competitive, and sometimes more competitive than their children, and I want them to know there is a significant penalty for this," Henry insisted.

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