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Deke: LSU football's 2016 season all comes down to November

It was all going so great! A 7-0 start, #2 in the first playoff poll and a seemingly bright future. But then things got real ugly for the Bayou Bengals. Three blowout losses in their last four games doomed any chance LSU had at being a top 10 team and playing in a major bowl.

And if you compare the 2015 schedule to what lies ahead in 2016, things are pretty much the same. If we are assuming, then I would have to assume that LSU will be a perfect 7-0 (at worst 6-1) when the back end of the schedule begins.

I think you have to respect the Tigers' road trip to Auburn, as this battle has been a tough one over the years and LSU always has their hands full in Gainesville when they take on the Gators. The Tigers welcome in Ole Miss in late October when the meat of the schedule shows up. After Ole Miss, LSU has a bye week and then the yearly showdown with Alabama takes place, then a road date at Arkansas, then back home against South Alabama and the season finale on the road Thanksgiving at Texas A&M.

So if you are in the mindset that the Tigers are bound for the SEC Title Game, then I would say it's a safe bet that the Tigers need to be 6-1 when Ole Miss shows up on the schedule on October 22.

Now with that said, the race to 11 wins is just that - it's a race. So regardless of how a team gets to 11, it's 11. Hell last season Alabama had a loss four weeks into the season with no more room for a slip up. And the Tide ran the table and went on to win the national title.

Ole Miss had a great start to the season, and even though the Rebels had a hiccup in Gainesville, the Rebels still controlled their own fate despite an ugly non-conference loss to Memphis. But who would have thunk it? The Rebels' thorn in their side was not Alabama but Arkansas. The Razorbacks kept the Rebels from playing in Atlanta the last two seasons. In fact Ole Miss is the only team in the nation to beat Alabama two years straight and not at least play for a conference title and missed a shot at a national title as well.

What I am saying is that if Tiger fans are hoping for a playoff spot, then bank on 11-1 in the regular season and then that should get them to Atlanta with a shot at the playoffs on the line in the SEC Title Game.

LSU is loaded, but to be fair I would say that a 10-2 mark is a safe bet with 11-1 and 9-3 a strong possibility depending on how the month of November shakes out.
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Deke: Are the Saints a sorry team, or set for success?

The best thing about the New Orleans Saints first two preseason games is that they are over! So what I thought I would do is try and make some sense of the two losses with some sort of fair balance. So let's see how I do!

The Pessimistic Who Dat in us says...

Man, this team is sorry! We aren't looking like a seven win team, and I've gone from concerned to flat out worried. The Saints are doing the same things now that they have done in the past when it comes to improving.

It's like every off season I hear how we are going to work on stopping the run. We will get better at rushing the football. And we are going to be a turnover creating defense. But where dey at?

I have no reason to feel any better about this season, strictly going by what I've seen so far. And I know this is not the time to grumble about the players we have on this team. But damn, did we really take Andrus Peat with our first pick in the 2015 draft? Man he looks like someone that is trying to hang around and possibly make a practice squad. He sho don't look like no first round pick! But hey neither did Charles Brownor Stanley Jean-Baptisite, two former Saints 2nd round picks that are no longer in the NFL!

I'm just tired of being below average. 7-9, 7-9 man, that's garbage. And the one sure thing we have, the best player we've ever had, is going into the season without a long term contract. Man, who decided that was a good idea?

This team will be lucky to win seven games and if that's what they are, a seven win team, then want a refund. Cause I damn sho aint getting what I'm paying for!

The optimistic Who Dat thinks...

It's just preseason. Come on Who Dats - name one team that won a Lombardi in August? If we are going to look bad, this is the time of year to do it. We have two preseason games left and the third one against the Steelers is the most meaningful game.

I see a lot of good things going on. Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen has the defense improved from last year. I like the competition that has been created on the defensive side of the football. And man we got some good young players that just need a little more time, a few more snaps to get themselves ready for the regular season.

I know that our linebackers are a lot better, we have good secondary players and I think the D-Line has improved too. And I like the fact that the players that Coach Payton feels like are not good all-around players and good locker room guys - he shows them the door.

I see a lot of improvement in the type of character players the Saints have brought in the last two off seasons. And I believe that will play a major part in the Saints move back to being a contending team.

No! The Saints are not that bad of a team, and I think that this Black and Gold club will continue to improve and New Orleans will be back in the playoff hunt this season.

After further review...

Well, truth told both of the above Who Dats make valid points. But in the end the proof is in the pudding and pudding in the NFL comes in the form of wins and losses. I myself am not ready to make a call on this team as far as if they are improved or are they not as good as they were a year ago.

With that said, after the first four games of the season I will make a call and from that point I feel like I will have a clear indication of what kind of team the 2016 Saints will be.
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Saints hope to improve in second preseason bout vs Texans

The Saints offense got off to a good start in their 22-34 loss to New England, in the first quarter - from a numbers standpoint. The Saints outgained New England 154 to 25 in total yards, New Orleans had eight first downs to just two for the Patriots. The Saints offense was well balanced with 10 rushing attempts and 10 passes and the Saints picked up 20 sacks for minus 20 yards.

What fans want to see is the Saints rush the ball at a better rate and the staring O-Line have a better showing. "Look, we need to run the football. It's been proven in the past, whenever we can rush the ball and be a top 10 ranked running team our offense is near unstoppable. We need to run the ball better against the Texans!" said the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert.

We should see more of the starters in this game, and fans certainly want to see some improvement from second year offensive lineman Andrus Peat.

Like the offense, the Saints defense did come out and set a good tone to their effort against the Patriots last week. In the first quarter New Orleans held New England to just 25 yards of total offense in the first stanza on 13 plays. New England had 13 yards passing and 12 yards rushing. The Saints held the Patriots to 3-of-14 on third down conversions for just 21%.

#91 Kasim Edebali has been having a very good camp, and after his effort in the first preseason game I would elevate that "very good" camp to "excellent." Edebali has a chance to emerge as one of the bright young pass rushers in this league this season. Kasim had two sacks for minus 20 yards in the Saints loss to the Patriots.

I was pleased with the play of LBs Craig Robertson and Nate Stupar, and DL Bobby Richardson also had his moments. But again the Saints did not stop the run overall against the Patriots. New England averaged five yards per rush which is way too high, Bobby Hebert says. "Listen, when it comes to rushing the football and stopping the run, teams want to allow less than four yards per carry and the Saints want to rush the football for at least four yards per carry. The Saints need to slow the opposing teams run down."

The Saints got some solid production from several players. RB Marcus Murphy was an across-the-board player for the Saints. The second year 'back from Missouri touched the football 15 times for a total of 146 yards for an average of 9.7 yards per touch. Murphy carried the ball seven times for 22 yards, he had 3 grabs for 18 yards, Murphy returned three punts for 61 yards (20.3 Average) and Murphy capped off the night with two kick returns for 45 yards.

And what about little known wide receiver Tommylee Lewis? #87 really did a nice job given the opportunity. Lewis touched the ball six times in the game making an impact each time he touched the football. Hauling in three receptions for 38 yards, one punt return for 19 yards and one kickoff return for 24 yards for a total of 81 yards for an average of 16.2 yards per touch. Lewis also scored on a two point conversion taking a handoff and going around the far end for the two-point conversion.

I wrap up with prized rookie WR Michael Thomas. The receiver from Ohio State had four gabs for 67 yards and has consistently made spectacular catches at practices throughout training camp.

The action all starts at 3pm Saturday on the home of the Saints - WWL!

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Deke: Saints D looks better this year, but 2015 flashbacks remain

The Saints really got off to a good start in the first quarter from a numbers standpoint. They outgained New England 154 to 25 in total yards, New Orleans had eight first downs to just two for the Patriots. The Saints offense was well balanced with 10 rushing attempts and 10 passes and the Saints picked up 20 sacks for minus 20 yards. But all of that was kind of wiped out as the Saints had two turnovers in the first quarter including one that went for a pick six.

The Bright Spots

#91 Kasim Edebali has been having a very good camp and after his effort in the first preseason game I would elevate that very good camp to excellent. Edebali has a chance to emerge as one of the bright young pass rushers in this league this season. Kasim had two sacks for minus 20 yards in the Saints' loss to the Patriots. I would have to say that rookie wide receiver Mike Thomas also had a very good game. The receiver from Ohio State had four grabs for 67 yards. And from a production standpoint no offensive player had better numbers than RB Marcus Murphy. He was an across the board player for the Saints. The second year back from Missouri touched the football 15 times for a total of 146 yards for an average of 9.7 yards per touch. Murphy carried the ball seven times for 22 yards, 3 grabs for 18 yards, returned three punts for 61 yards (20.3 on average) and capped off the night with two kick returns for 45 yards.

And I will put a wrap on my bright spot with wide receiver Tommylee Lewis. #87 really did a nice job given the opportunity. Lewis touched the ball six times in the game making an impact each time. Lewis would haul in three receptions for 38 yards, had one punt return for 19 yards and one kickoff return for 24 yards, for a total of 81 yards - for an average of 16.2 yards per touch. Lewis also scored on a two point conversion, taking a handoff and going around the far end for the score.

Defense better than last year at this time!

The Saints got off to a good start on defense in the first quarter. New Orleans held New England to just 25 yards of total offense in the first stanza on 13 plays. New England had 13 yards passing and 12 yards rushing. The Saints held the Patriots to 3-of-14 on third down conversions for just 21%.

Defense - oh no, here we go again!!

As good as the Saints D looked in the first quarter, well let's just say the Who Dat Nation started having those 2015 flashbacks in the second quarter. After outgaining the Pats 154 to 25 in yards of offense and holding NE to just two first downs in the first, the Pats offense took it to the Saints in the second quarter. New England outgained the Saints 192 yards to just 40 yards. New England had 10 first downs earned in the second while limiting the Saints to only 2. And the Patriots played a clean quarter penalty wise while the Saints were flagged three times for 28 yards.

Up next

The Saints will head back up to West Virginia and then come back down South to practice against the Texans before playing Houston in preseason game #2 next Saturday night.

Photo via USA Today
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Deke: Depth is now a major concern for 6th ranked LSU Tigers

The 2016 college football season is still four weeks away and right now the 6th ranked Tigers of LSU have already seen too many injuries. With a total of 18 starters back this season, strength being in numbers was a strong point for LSU. Well that was then, and this is now!

In the last 72 hours, the Tigers have taken a blow, in fact three blows, in the form of injuries, and what makes things worse is that all three injuries suffered were from players that belong to the Tigers defense.

The biggest of the three injuries was Senior defensive lineman Christian LaCouture. LaCouture went down with a knee injury and he is expected to miss the 2016 season. He had been one of the Tigers' most reliable defenders the last couple of seasons and his play and veteran leadership will be missed.

LaCouture started in 23 games and was having a good camp in the Tigers new look 3-4 defensive scheme. With the loss of the veteran leader, having Travonte Valentine be ready to play has now become an important must-have. Valentine was the nation's No. 3 high school defensive tackle coming out of high school in 2014.

The other two other hurt players on the Tigers defense are linebackers Isaiah Washington and Corey Thompson, with Washington gone for the season and Thompson reportedly missing up to eight weeks with a broken fibula. Thompson had been converted from safety to linebacker, where he was expected to help provide depth in the middle of the Tigers defense.

LSU has lost some good depth at linebacker and now must dig deeper into the chart to work on depth at those two positions. First year defensive coordinator Dave Aranda will now work on getting players to step up, and have a chance to climb the depth chart on get into the defensive rotation.

Over the course of the last few seasons, LSU has been trying to build depth at all positons, and had liked the progress made along the D-Line and at linebacker. And now just a week into fall camp, the Tigers have to put this behind them as the overwhelming majority of camp is still in front of the Purple and Gold.

LSU still has several scrimmages to conduct and the Bayou Bengals first game is not until September 3 when they face Wisconsin in Green Bay. Things can change in the blink of an eye and that is certainly the case in Baton Rouge. If you tend to look at the positive side of things, then one would say that at least LSU has four weeks to get some players ready to help ease the loss of these three players. But regardless of how you look at things, depth on defense was a concern for LSU before camp began. And now depth is a major concern!
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Bobby: Saints defense playing with a lot of energy

"The Saints won," said Bobby Hebert with Deuce McAllister seconding that motion. Both of our former Saints greats were encouraged by what they saw today as the Saints practiced with the New England Patriots.

Both Bobby and Deuce saw many things at practice that pleased them, including the Saints' ability to take the ball away. "They made it an emphasis to work on creating turnovers. So far this team has improved in that area," Deuce said.

The Saints did have their slip ups at times, but overall the Black and Gold had the edge at today's practice. Defensive End Cam Jordan and Corner Back Delvin Breaux did not practice today. Breaux was held out of practice, while Jordan was enjoying the birth of his child.

Deuce's Take

Deuce saw the Saints pass rush show up on the positive side more times than not. "Kasim Edebali, Sheldon Rankins and Dannell Ellerbe all got after the Patriots quarterbacks, and Rankins had two sacks," he noted.

Deuce said overall, he was encouraged with the Saints defensive play. "Now there were some drops on the Patriots side, as they missed out on some completed passes. But you have to give the Saints some credit for those as well."

McAllister wanted to see how the Saints running backs did in pass protection, but nothing really stood out, good or bad, in that area. "There were some plays in which the backs had to fall into protection but nothing really stood out in practice."

Deuce was not impressed with the Saints ability to rush the football today. "It wasn't good. I thought it could have been cleaner, more crisp, but the Patriots got the best of us. We just didn't rush the ball well."

The Cajun Cannon says

Bobby said that the Saints got off to a hot start as Dannell Ellerbe nearly picked off a Tom Brady pass on the first play of seven on seven. "Talk about setting the tone. Although we did not come up with the pick, the Saints came out with good energy and the defense was inspired today."

Over on offense, Saints QB Drew Brees tossed two TD passes to his tight ends Colby Fleener and Josh Hill. Bobby also said that Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks had his moments at practice against the Patriots DB Malcolm Butler.

Bobby was really encouraged by what he saw from the Saints defense. "We practiced with a lot of energy, the guys that were not in on a play were really encouraging the players that were on the field. And the Saints were able to come up big forcing turnovers!"

Hebert was pleased with defensive backs Ken Crawlew and Devonte Harris. "They were around the football, they both made plays and Harris came up with a nice pick today. We have a lot of good competition in the secondary, and I see the best coming out in a lot of these players that know they have a shot to make the active roster."

The Saints will practice again tomorrow with the Patriots and then take on New England Thursday Night in both team's first preseason game.

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Saints LB Davis Tull back from injury and ready to sack

Not many knew much about him a year ago when the Saints drafted him, and truth be told there still are a lot of fans that don't know his name or what jersey number he wears. But as Davis Tull prepares for his second NFL season, none of that matters - as long as he's playing football.

"Spending last year on Injured Reserve and missing camp and now being able to be here and get in on some of the reps has been great. Camp is going well so far," he told WWL. Tull's name is one that you might want to pay a little closer attention to this season.

Tull began to make a name for himself on the college football scene as a freshman for the U.T. Chattanooga Mocs back in 2011 when he was named a Freshman All-American. Tull would go on to have one of the most productive and successful careers in U.T. Chattanooga history. The Saints selected Tull in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft - he was brought in to give the Saints some much needs help in the pass rushing department, but his season was cut short due to injury.

Tull told me and Deuce that he thinks the Saints defense is a lot more organized this season and the players are working hard with the goal of making improvements each day. "Everyone is really working hard, flying to the football and the effort has been good."

One of many young faces the Saints are hoping to cash in on in the form of quarterback sacks this season, Tull knows a thing or two about taking down QBs. Having played both defensive end and linebacker in college, Davis was a player that was dependable and durable. He started a school-record 48 straight games and was lights out on the field as a Sophomore in 2012 setting school records on his way to becoming the conference player of the year, and he earned First Team All American honors.

Davis says that right now it's all about improving. "I'm just trying to be as consistent as I can be. I want to become a complete player that is consistent against the run and good at putting pressure on the opposing quarterback," said Tull.
Davis had a good of a college career as any defensive player could at any school on any level. He is the SoCon (Southern) Conference all time sack leader with 37, he was named the conference defensive player of the years in each of his last three seasons in college and he finished his career as the UTC all-time sack leader, tackles for loss, and forced fumble leader.

You can listen to Deuce and Deke's interview with Saints Linebacker Davis Tull by clicking below.

FULL AUDIO: Deuce and Deke talk to Saints LB Davis Tull

Photo via USA Today
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Deke: Saints LB Bobby Richardson excited about year two

To say he made an impact as a rookie in 2015 would be an understatement. Saints second year defensive lineman Bobby Richardson is looking forward to becoming more of a complete player for the Saints D.

"It's all about doing everything I can to get better each day," he says. "In the classroom, on the field, as a teammate, I just want to do everything I can to become the most complete player I can." Richardson came to the Saints as an undrafted free agent from Indiana University.

Richardson played in 15 games as a rookie, starting in 11 as he recorded 40 tackles (20 solo), an interception and half a sack. As he goes through his second training camp as an NFL player, Bobby likes the work he has put in thus far. "Things are going good. Obviously the goal is to improve every snap, but I think that our defense is working hard and right now we are coming together on the field."

Richardson is a humble young man that is not taking his first year success for granted and he knows he has to reprove himself this season. "I have to work on my health and my hips. I've got to be able to use my hips to come out of my stance at a faster pace. Everybody has to be able to play all over. I want to be more versatile and I want to be able to help my team as much as I can."

Bobby says he's looking forward to next week's competition against the Patriots. "We've got to treat every game like it's a real game. We have to keep getting better. I've got to keep getting better."

You can listen to Bobby and Deke's interview with Bobby Richardson by clicking below.

FULL AUDIO: Bobby and Deke talk to Saints DL Bobby Richardson
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Deuce and Bobby like good intensity at Wednesday Saints practice

The Saints practiced for the sixth time this training camp, with the Black and Gold not going in full gear. "It's always good to see healthy competition, and I thought today at the end of practice we really saw the best come out of the offense and the defense," said Deuce McAllister.

Deuce was speaking about the last team session with things kicked up a notch. The intensity level was as high as it has been at practice this camp, and the defense ended on a high note stopping the offense batting down a pass.

The Cajun Cannon thinks that any win for the Saints defense is something to build on at this point. "I mean it wasn't like it was Drew and the first team out there at the end. But it is still somewhat of a confidence builder anytime the Saints defense can make a play."

One bit of good news was the Saints seeing the return of veteran DB Keenan Lewis. Coach Payton said it was good to have Lewis back with the team today.

"Marcus Murphy had a very good day," Deuce said. "Today he showed me something. He did a good job rushing the football and he did a good job of catching the ball out of backfield." Deuce feels like the Saints are being as prepared as any team in the NFL can be.

"You can tell that Coach Payton has this team going through every situation possible," he continued. "If they need to be in a game situation to down the football, take a safety, or get into victory formation, there is not a game situation that Coach Payton won't have the Saints prepared for."

Deuce was also pleased with the Saints defense coming up big on the back end of practice. "This defense has made some strides. Now we have to see it next week against the Patriots. But we have to call it like we see it and so far the defense has been making strides."

Deuce sees the Saints having more speed on defense and says the defense looks more in tune to what Coach Allen is asking them to do and you are seeing it on the field.

In one on one drills with LB's in coverage, Bobby was impressed and gave the edge to the defenders. "I thought in coverage our LBs won the day versus the offense. I was impressed with the way the linebackers covered and that is something that the defense has to improve on."

Bobby said that LBs Craig Robertson, Dannell Elerbe and James Laurinaitis all did well in pass coverage at Wednesday's practice. Bobby also was pleased with the play of Saints defensive lineman Tyeler Davidson.

"He's got a nose for the football and he does a good job of stopping the run and he get penetration in the backfield on passing downs." Bobby's notes also pointed out some offensive highlights.

Drew Brees took advantage of CB Keenan Lewis being back for the first day. Drew went right after Lewis hitting a 35 yard strike to WR Brandin Cooks and then Brees came right back and hit WR Willie Snead for about a 10 yard pick up also against Lewis.
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Bobby and Deuce impressed with Saints offense on Day 5

The first wave of Saints training camp is in the books! The Black and Gold have wrapped up their first five days of camp. "I think we've got in some pretty good physical work. We've got a long way to go. But I do think these guys are working and I like the level of work the players are getting in," said Saints Coach Sean Payton.

The theme the first five days has been the pretty good look at what seems to be an improved Saints defense, but today both of our resident pros Bobby and Deuce both gave the nod to the Saints Offense.

"I think when you look overall starting with the drills, the defense had a good start," Deuce said, "But when they got into the team portion of practice, I though the offense had the upper hand. The defense made some plays but overall today I would give the day to the Saints offense."

Deuce says that the Saints defense was winning the one on one battles during the team drills early on. "I thought guys like DL Bobby Richardson and Delvin Breaux among others really stood out in the first portion of practice."

McAllister likes what he has seen from second year DB P.J. Williams. "He's a nice size cornerback and I think he has the ability to play in the nickel formation as well. I like how he's progressed so far."

Deuce is pretty pleased with the Saints first five days of work. "So far things have gone pretty good. I like tempo the team has been showing and the intensity during the three days in pads was where it needs to be... so far so good."

Bobby Hebert was watching Roman Harper today and said "I don't think he's over the hill. Harper has a lot left in the tank. He caused a fumble today and it was against one of our top players TE Coby Fleener. Today, Roman Harper stood out."

Bobby said bringing a guy like Harper in was not from a feel-good standpoint but more of adressing a real need. Roman is coming off of two seasons with the NFC back to back champion Carolina Panthers in which Roman started in all 32 regular season games for the Cats.

Roman was active this morning in team drills and the veteran safety forced a fumble against RB Mark Ingram which fellow safety Jairus Byrd recovered.

The Saints offense had some nice moments today particularly in the team drills. "I thought Drew made a nice throw when he hit Coby down the middle for a 40 yard TD pass. The TE position has been doing well this camp."

Bobby's also noted that third string QB Garrett Grayson came up big when he tossed a 50 yard TD strike to rookie WR Tommy Lee Lewis.

Bobby asked Coach Payton after practice about the progression of the Saints DB's and wide receivers. "I think both of those groups (WR's and DB's) are competing at a good level right now. I think we have a good mix of players at both of those positions and having competition only helps bring out the best," he said.

Up next for the Saints - a day off on Tuesday and then back to work with practice on Wednesday.
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Deke: LSU fans want to believe this is the year!

The LSU Tigers report to training camp this week with one of the most anticipated seasons in the Les Miles era set to begin. Since the start of the 2005 college football season there have not been many, if any, starts to a year that have had more hype and more promise than the 2016 season does about the Bayou Bengals.

With 18 starters back, experience in key spots and some new coaches, LSU looks the part. And oh, how dearly the Tigers fans want to believe all of the hype; but hey, LSU and their fans have been here before only to fall short of the hype.

LSU can wipe away all the doubt and all the years of close calls, short misses and ugly, embarrassing losses with a run this season at the National Title. With a running back that many feel could be one of the best ever coming out of college, a defense that features no less than future NFL caliber players and a load of talent at all the skilled positions, LSU is seemingly ready to take the next step.

But LSU fans have heard this song and dance far too many times before to have only one national title in the 11 year tenure under Coach Les Miles. I do believe that LSU fans enter this season optimistic and just from the feedback I receive alone on the show via email and text, I feel like Tigers fans are cautious when it comes to thinking this is the team that brings the title back to Baton Rouge.

There is so much on the line - the future of coach Les Miles, the career of QB Brandon Harris, a possible Heisman Trophy could be on campus, and of course the ultimate team goal winning the SEC and National Title - all in the same season!

But has this team learned from past mistakes? Has the coaching staff fully developed this talented group of players and helped them reach their full potential in college? Hell, we know that these players are going to be good in the pros. But to not win or at the very least play for the SEC Title with a group like this would be very unacceptable.

With home games against rivals Ole Miss and Alabama, LSU has the right mix of players coming back at the right time schedule-wise. And I think it's one hundred percent fair to say that if this group does not play for an SEC Title than this rare recruiting class will have not reached their potential team wise.

So as practice opens next week, LSU is one of the teams that the rest of the nation thinks has what it takes to win it all. And Tigers fans want to believe that. But the only way to believe it is to achieve it. And then Tigers fans will not only be able to believe it - they will see it!
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