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Big Chief's CFB Top 10 #6

Ole Miss was supposed to test the Tide, the Ducks keep on scoring, LSU can’t stop teams from scoring and this week a battle between the Noles and Turtles takes place.  Oh yes, did I mention that Stanford is good?  Real good!  Here is my top ten as we embark into week six of the season. 

1.       Alabama Crimson Tide (4-0) – The more people wish and wait for someone to step up and beat the Tide the better this team plays.  Yes, Ole Miss had better WR’s than A&M?  Please!  The Rebels ain’t ready yet.  And no one else may be either.  RTR!   Last week beat Ole Miss 25-0 / this week vs Georgia State. 

2.       Oregon Ducks (4-0) – Many so-called experts think that Oregon is the best team in the country.  Does it really matter right now?  I mean if the Ducks are that good they will be number one in January, right?  But I don’t know if anyone can slow this team down.  An easy one this week before what looks to be a tough road trip to Seattle to play the Huskies in two weeks.  Last week beat Cal 55-16/ this week @ Colorado

3.       Clemson Tigers (4-0) – Two more weeks ‘til the Tigers play the Noles.  That’s all I got to say!  Last week beat Wake Forest 56-7 / this week @ Syracuse. 

4.       Stanford Cardinal (4-0) – A supposed to be road test turned into a blowout win for the boys from Palo Alto.  The most underrated team in the nation also can lay claim to being the most underrated program in the country as well.  Hey America you can play football and be super smart in the class room.  Stanford is proof of that!  The Cardinal limited the Cougars to a dismal 51 yards rushing.  Last week beat Washington State 55-17 / this week vs Washington. 

5.       Ohio State Buckeyes (5-0) – Yes, I agree the Buckeyes have an easy schedule. But this team has two damn good QB’s, they are athletic all over the field and they have a very good coach.  A road trip this week to the land of the Wildcats might be the last hurdle for OSU.  Last week beat Wisconsin 31-24 / this week @ Northwestern. 

6.       Texas A&M Aggies (4-1) – Johnny Football and the Aggies can score but what happens when and if they can’t?  The Aggies look like they have a tough road trip in two weeks to face the Rebels.  Last week beat Arkansas 45-33 / this week off. 

7.       Georgia Bulldogs (3-1) – After a 44-41 shootout win over the Bulldogs it looks to me that this team is home free til the first week in December when the SEC Title game is played.  Now Georgia has nine weeks to get their defense ready for a shot at the national title!  Last week beat LSU 44-41 / this week@ Tennessee. 

8.  Louisville Cardinals (4-0) – The more teams lose the more teams pass the Cardinals by.  That’s life in a weak ass conference.  Hey, I don’t make the rules.  Last week beat off/ this week @ Temple. 

9.      Florida State (4-0) – The Noles defense gave up 34 points to BC?  Now this week we will find out if the Noles are for real.  And if the Terps are too!  Last week beat Boston College 48-34 / this week vs Maryland. 

10.  LSU Tigers (4-1) – LSU scored 41 points on the road and still lost.  Man, this team has the offense but until the Tigers front starts to get some pressure on opposing QB’s they will be in shootout type games for a long time.  Last week lost to Georgia 44-41 / this week @ Mississippi State. 

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10/01/2013 8:00AM
Big Chief’s CFB Top 10 #6
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10/04/2013 2:09AM
know it all!
Deke is mister know it all! Can't stand this guy. Everytime someone on the radio calls in with an opinion he doesn't like he cuts em off after being a total @sshole! Love your top 10,must have taken a real lot of thought process to come up with that one!
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