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Big Chief - What I heard and saw at Saints Minicamp

Everyone has an opinion.  Over the course of the last three days here is what I think about the 2013 New Orleans Saints Minicamp.

A.  Rob Ryan is making a difference – From the little time I’ve been around Coach Ryan I can tell you he is a guy that everyone would like to play for.  He’s a straight shooter, and the man has defense running in his veins.  You can tell there will be an emphasis on getting to the QB this season.  I know that there has not been a single practice in full gear yet, but I am optimistic that the 2013 Saints defense will not resemble the 2012 defensive squad.

B.  Things are more serious with Sean back! – You remember when you were in high school and your regular teacher was out?  Remember when a substitute teacher was in your class?  It just did not have the same feeling did it?  I’m in no way, shape, or form disrespecting anyone.  But it seems to me everything is taken in a more serious light when Coach Payton is on the field.  I don’t think that things are different or that Coach Payton is a different dude, I just think when the head man in charge is on the job things are more in order.  Just my opinion.

C.  Unknown eye-catchers – Four of the lesser-known players that caught my attention during Saints Minicamp included RB Khiry Robinson, WR Saalim Hakim DE Kenyon Coleman and CB Rod Sweeting.  I have no idea if these guys will make the team.  And, Coach Payton always says you have to be careful when evaluating without pads on, but these guys have made plays.  Sweeting is an aggressive guy that stood on several plays in the secondary.  Hakim just catches the ball and runs precise routes.  Coach Rob Ryan thinks that Kenyon Coleman will flourish in his 3-4 scheme in helping stop the run.   And Robinson is a quick, shifty back that ended minicamp on a high note.

D.  Is it Ingram time yet?  Let’s be real here.  When the team is not in full gear it’s hard to get a gauge on the running game.  With that said, Saints fans have been waiting to see the Mark Ingram that was one of the best running backs in the country coming out of college.  Is 2013 the year Ingram becomes a consistent contributor?  Here is what Coach Payton said when asked about Ingram at practice this week:  “Number one, I think he is healthy, he is moving around real well, he looks sudden and again this is all in shorts, but I’m excited to see him play this season.  For a lot of players, it was disappointing last year, I think that obviously he will have an important role in what we do.”

E.  Catchy quotes – “Don’t leave your lunch on the ground.” Saints Secondary Coach Wesley McGriff.  Coach McGriff’s salty way of telling his DB’s to catch the football when the opportunity arises. 

“Kenyon Coleman is the best run defender in football as a 3-4 end.  Trust me, the Who Dat Nation is going to love him.” Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan on new DE #99 Kenyon Coleman. 

“They use to call me Grasshopper.” Saints Wide Receiver Coach Henry Ellard when I asked him if he had any nicknames during his playing career.

“Not only schematically you have one of the best coaches, but you also have a guy who knows how to press the right buttons to get the best out of the players.” Former NFL great and future Hall of Fame defensive back Aeneas Williams on Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan.

F.  From the mouths of the pros – I’m not a hater.  I don’t show boat and I don’t brag.  But when it comes to getting a professional opinion, you won’t find a better place to get a complete breakdown of every snap, every practice and every game than the ones you get right here on WWL.  Hokie Gajan has a way of explain things like no other and so does Bobby Hebert.  Two guys who put on a Black and Gold Uniform want nothing more than to see the home team win and win big.  But these cats tell it like it T-I is.  I ask you.  If you want a professional’s take on something don’t you ask a pro?  Well, you can ask our pro’s every day during Saints Camp.  Can anyone else say that?  It ain’t bragging if you got it.  We got’em!
Well folks that’s all from minicamp 2013.  We have one more OTA to tell you about how the Saints are doing, then a little break, and then the season is here at the end of July when training camp opens.  So in short, the Saints offense is the Saints offense, the defense is making strides and now we are about a month away to the start of the season.  

Photo by Chris Bennett

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06/07/2013 12:50PM
Big Chief - What I heard and saw at Saints Minicamp
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06/07/2013 5:43PM
love it
Great read chief...thanks a lot who dat
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