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Posted: Wednesday, 03 July 2013 2:58PM

As cops arrest alleged killer, NOPD chief questions why he was on the streets

The mayor of New Orleans and the police chief held a news conference this morning after cops identified a suspect in the shooting death of a 14-year-old who was gunned down over the weekend in Central City.  

Chief Ronal Serpas seemed outraged that the suspect, 31 year old Milton Bangham was walking the streets of New Orleans.

This afternoon members of NOPD's Special Operations Division arrested a Central City man accused of gunning down the teen as he sat on front porch steps last Sunday evening a release from the department says.  

The shooting happened around 6pm Sunday, and cops say there were many witnesses.  

Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the murder of a 14 year old boy who is just sitting on his porch should force residents to finally say, "Enough is enough."

The NOPD says, "A lawyer representing 31-year-old Milton Bangham called NOPD's Homicide division from his downtown office today to say Bangham was ready to turn himself in for killing Edward Barton in the 1900-block of Sixth Street in Central City."  

The victim was a few weeks shy of his fifteenth birthday.

Bangham is listed as a possible career criminal the NOPD says and is "Currently on parole for Possession with the Intent to Distribute Cocaine until August 2013.  

"Bangham has previously been on parole for Possession of Cocaine and Meth and on probation for Possession of Ecstasy and Crack.  He has 10 felony arrests, 40 misdemeanor arrests, 1 city arrest, and 1 traffic arrest.  Previous arrests include Illegal Firearms During a Crime, Illegal Use of a Weapon, Simple Robbery, Possession of Narcotics, Possession of Crack Cocaine, Possession of Ecstasy, Possession of Marijuana, Marijuana Distribution, Simple Battery, Unauthorized Entry of an Inhabited Dwelling, Assault, Resisting/Obstructing an Officer, Battery, Domestic Abuse Battery, Criminal Trespass, Assault, Disturbing the Peace, Misrepresentation of Name/Age/Address, Cursing a Fireman, Open Container, warrants, attachments and traffic violations."

"The fact that this suspect, who is labeled a ‘possible career criminal' in the justice system, was on our streets last weekend, and had the opportunity to kill a child, is knowledge that is beyond comprehension to me, and begs the question:  What are the consequences of committing violent crimes in New Orleans?" said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

"This man knew we were after him, and realized he had no choice but to turn himself in", Serpas said.

"And we want to thank the community- again- for standing with their police department, and helping us identify this gunman.  We believe this man viciously killed a boy, and his arrest proves that this department and this community will stand as one to fight violent criminals."     

After being taken to Central Lock-Up, Bangham was booked with Second Degree Murder.

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