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Posted: Monday, 24 June 2013 9:58AM

Another son joining Duck Dynasty, Phil not running for Pres.

There's a new member of the cast on the popular TV show about self-proclaimed Louisiana rednecks who became millionaires selling duck calls. 

Alan Robertson (far left, above) is retiring from 20 years of ministering to be on Duck Dynasty.

"They kinda need my help and a little guidance," the oldest son of Kay and Phil Robertson (above, center) told WWL First News.

He explained how he plans to interact with his three bearded brothers, father and uncle on the show.

"I try to wrangle the beards," Alan said.

It was his mom who wanted him on the program. 

"They asked her after last season, 'Are you happy Ms. Kay?' " Alan shared. " She said, 'Well I'm not happy; I've got a fourth son, and he's not on the show."

It was then he said he decided to give up his ministerial duties and be on the A&E TV show.

"Although we kind of view this as a national ministry... so that's a real blessing," Alan said of being on TV and traveling the country making public appearances.

During a stop in New Orleans to announce Alan is joining the show, his dad warned him about the downside of fame.

"I would say that the word would be intrusive," Phil Robertson said.

Alan's uncle, Si Robertson (left), noted; "It's not all it's cracked up to be... you lose your privacy... the are knocking on the door all hours of the night."

He said they now appreciate the pressures of fame.

"We now understand what happened to Charlie Sheen, doing this will drive you nuts," Si joked.

Alan's mom, Kay Robertson, said the success clearly has an upside too.

"I don't have the worries I had over money," she said.  "I do like that."

While they did announce Alan is joining the show, the Duck Commander family denied another rumor.

"They want me to run for president," Phil explained. "I turned 'em down.  I think that they are not quite ready for me yet."

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