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Angela: Who should be New Orleans' next Sheriff?

Marlin Gusman and Charles Foti are the men who want to be New Orleans’ next sheriff.  Gusman is the current sheriff of Orleans Parish Prison; Foti the former sheriff. Both ran for sheriff in New Orleans’ recent election.  Now they're in a contentious runoff. 

Today we asked them to put the swords down for an hour and talk about leadership and the future of crime, punishment and reform in the Crescent City.

Which of these men is the leader who can reform OPP? Which can reform a troubled system, one that for decades has often been described as overcrowded, ruthless and inhumane... infamous for being the prison that holds the most number of prisoners per capita nationwide.  Which man is the leader, who can bring this institution, decimated by Katrina, into a future that lives up to Federal guidelines? Which can build a collaborative partnership with the city and state, and meet our citizens' expectations? 

If you missed the debate, please listen to the podcast… then you decide who should be New Orleans' next Sheriff.

FULL AUDIO: Angela talks to Marlin Gusman and Charles Foti about runoff in Sheriff's race

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02/21/2014 5:19PM
Angela: Who should be New Orleans's next Sheriff?
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02/22/2014 11:58AM
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