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Angela: What do we do about the gutter punks?

You've seen them in the French Quarter, Marigny and Bywater, accosting and menacing tourists and locals for money, restaurant leftovers, and sometimes even drugs.

You've seen them at the riverfront, sleeping and drinking in the grass.

You've seen them in the neutral grounds across the city, panhandling for change on major thoroughfares.

They're gutter punks, sometimes also called "crusties" and "oogles," and according to some who live and work in the area, they are becoming more aggressive.

They squat in abandoned buildings, usually traveling in packs, and this particular strain of homeless person and their dogs have thoroughly permeated downtown New Orleans, much to the alarm of residents, businesses and tour guides. 

Dianne Honore, a French Quarter tour guide, was in the news recently when one of her tours was practically attacked by a group of gutter punks, who grabbed at high-school age kids demanding drugs and getting in a physical altercation with the groups' chaperones. Dianne contacted police but her experience in getting justice or answers for the attack has not been satisfactory, to say the least.

As New Orleans becomes one of the biggest vacation & convention cities in the world, how do we handle this?

For answers, I turned to Edward Bonin and Elizabeth Jones from the "Drop-In Center" at the Tulane School of Medicine, which provides medical and social services for runaway and homeless youths. We also spoke to Officer John Dobard, who is with the NOPD Crime Prevention Unit.

So who are the gutter punks?

"These kids come in a couple different subgroups; they have local homeless kids and traveling kids that travel across the country and start coming here in October," said Mr. Bonin. "The weather is pleasant so they tend to flock down here. It's easy for them to obtain alcohol, drugs and spare change. We don't typically see a lot a violent behavior from that group of kids."

Elizabeth Jones echoed that sentiment. "I feel like they are a misunderstood population, and I feel like sometimes people go in with the notion that they are aggressive drug and aclohol users, so you expect nothing from them and you can't see who that person really is."

Is it a choice to be gutter punk?

"Sometimes," they told me.  "A large percentage of these young kids are aging out of foster care, and when they turn 18,  they are just put out in the street. They don't have the wherewithal to nagivate these different systems that are available to them, and thats how then you end up in the streets. Some are traveling just to see the country. Not to say that they cant be aggressive or violent, we just don't see that as much."

When we see these young people in the Quarter and they're coming toward you and displaying aggression, what are we supposed to do?

"They're aggressive because that is their nature in terms of getting what they're looking for, so therefore, you should make sure that if you are approached one of them, stay out of their reach, keep moving, and contact the police department. If they put their hands on you, and you believe there is the potentional for them to do bodily harm, they will be subject to arrest," said Officer Dobard.

It is a fascinating look at a complex issue that touches on compassion, public safety, homelessness, personal responsibility and more. Take a listen to the whole interview by clicking the link below.

FULL AUDIO: Angela talks about gutter punks

Photo via tuppus, Flickr

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04/14/2014 4:36PM
Angela: What do we do about the gutter punks?
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04/14/2014 5:21PM
Give me a break
Angela, These people are a "misunderstood"........they are obviously people that need help, but what they do on the street is just nothing but being criminals.....but society today will not allow enforcement to deal with them.....so we are just supposed to put up with them and hope they go away.....This problem doesn't need to be understood nearly as much as it needs to be defeated!
04/15/2014 12:14AM
You forgot one...
This article also left out another particular group of crusties - The ones who hang out over on Decatur Street, in the blocks between Saint Ann and Elysian Fields. These are the kids who actually have local parents with million dollar homes over on St Charles, State, Calhoun, and other streets in that area. Yet because these kids refuse to follow their parents rules, they instead chose to live on the streets, and these are usually the ones who are the most aggressive in begging for beer money.
04/16/2014 3:22PM
Attn: you forgot one
Good point........just more criminals...Once again, Angela, these thugs don't need to be "understood" they need to be arrested and made to do some real work FOR the city!
10/09/2014 6:13AM
you're fucking idiots. You are all the criminals, not these kids, they're just doing what they have to to get by, all they want is a little spare change. And here you are in you fucking upper middle class fucking suburban homes stomping on anyone just to make another buck. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe if we were all a little more like these kids the world would be a better place.
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