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Angela: Passing over in style

Last week, a man was buried sitting on his Harley in a plexiglass coffin.  His family followed his wishes and even built the casket themselves.  Across the country another man told his family he wanted a “green funeral.”  Just a simple pine box, no embalming and they skipped the gas guzzling hearse.

The Diocese of Albany, New York has set aside a wildflower filled meadow to bury those who chose a “green burial.”  Wildlife will walk among the flowers.

And in the New Orleans area a new store opened in the Esplanade Mall called “When We Meet Again.”  You can order customized caskets…top sellers may well be Who Dat and LSU versions.

It’s all about a changing world in death care.  How do you want to say goodbye?  Are you a traditionalist?  Or are you thinking out of the box?  No pun intended.

It’s something we should be thinking about.  Cremation or burial?  Traditional funeral or personalized celebration?  Pine box or a one of a kind casket?  What about a GREEN burial?  

Why not be prepared?

Note:  If you miss the show, check out the podcasts.  Our guests:  Jonathan LaHatte, former Orleans parish sheriff’s deputy/partner in “Till We Meet Again” casket store in Esplanade Mall; Mark Coudrain, Manager of St. Joseph Abby Woodworks; Boyd Moth, Jr, district governor of the South District of Louisiana Funeral Directors Association & 5th generation at Mothe Funeral Home.  

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02/04/2014 2:42PM
Angela: Passing over in style
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02/04/2014 4:15PM
burn me and spread the ashes in Bayou St. John! I'm all for people having funerals their way, whether traditional, cremation with simple ceremony or a special casket with all the bells and whistles. Your spirit is gone; the burial are for those left behind.
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