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Angela: Leonard Galmond beats the odds - a true New Orleans fairytale

Imagine that your mother was 13 when she had you. Imagine that your father was a drug dealer, and that he was murdered when you were only 4 years old.  

Imagine a childhood living in abject poverty with five other siblings, and then and losing the little you had during Hurricane Katrina. Then you end up at Cohen High School, one of the worst in the city. There are days when there's not enough food. Where do you think you’d be today if this was your story?

The story belongs to Leonard Galmond, and once you hear the whole of it, you’ll know why this community has embraced him. Leonard conquered those odds to obtain a scholarship to Yale University. In just a few weeks he will leave New Orleans to attend one of the most presitigous universities in the world on a full scholarship.

How did he do it? He had the love of his family, he was smart and he worked hard. He found his passion and gift in art, and made the choice never to get on the path of crime like so many around him.

If you are weary of hearing stories of young men who are wasting their lives on a path of crime, who don't value life and have no motivation to change... you are not alone. And you are going to love meeting Leonard. 

His story is one we all need to hear. Click the link below to listen to my interview with Leonard, and enjoy.
FULL AUDIO: Angela talks to Yale-bound student Leonard Galmond

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07/19/2014 6:06PM
Angela: Leonard Galmond beats the odds - a true New Orleans fairytale
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