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Angela: How can we save money in this economy?

Everyone says to save money, but how?  Where do you start?  How can you save when you have very little left after paying your bills?  

If you live paycheck to paycheck, is there any way to start a savings?  Also, if you don't have a lot of money how can you invest?  What if you can't afford to pay advisors?  Can you do it yourself?  

Where can someone go to get advice?

Today we talked to Brad Fortier, a certified financial planner, and learned that there are no quick answers. In this video, he explains how the nature of saving and investing has changed in the last few decades, and reminds us that where there is crisis and uncertainty, there is also opportunity. 

FULL AUDIO: Angela talks to Brad Fortier about saving money


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03/25/2014 5:09PM
Angela: How can we save money in this economy?
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03/25/2014 7:48PM
selfishness and social ills
this has given younger generations a disadvantage and they can not save. The selfishness comes from the baby boomer generation
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