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Angela: Violent crime - what we don't handle eventually handles us

It was another weekend in the Crescent City filled with gun shots, meaningless death, children mangled with bullets and any number of broken hearts. 

We’ve been here before… many times before.  Same song, different verse. Drugs, guns, death. Anger, no value for life, no living life with value.

READ MORE: Police, mayor discuss New Orleans weekend killings

Is it so common now that after the initial “oh no,” we don’t give it another thought?

Unless the slaughter was on our street or in our neighborhood… unless the bullets are in our children… do we dismiss it as just another sad/bad action by people who will never cross our path?

7 people shot in one drive by; 2 toddlers seriously wounded… a weekend of violence totaling 16 shot and 5 dead. Are we so numbed by such an event that our next thought after we hear this is 'what are we having for dinner?' Are we really that desensitized?

Or, is it that we have no hope for change in behavior that is so against basic human decency, that we no longer hear cries for help?

What you don’t handle eventually handles you, so let’s talk about it.   

Join me for a 2 hour special today with my special guests: Captain Black with Brothers Against Crime; Darlene Cusanza with Crimestoppers; community activist Al Mims; and Reverend Ed Thompson with All Souls Church in the 9th Ward. I want to hear from you too…do you worry that crime could spread or is spreading to your neighborhood?  If you witnessed a violent crime, would you say something or suffer in fear?   Call us 504-260-1870, toll free at 866-889-0870 or text 870870.  

FULL AUDIO: Angela 2pm, New Orleans crime roundtable

FULL AUDIO: Angela 3pm, New Orleans crime roundtable


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08/13/2014 11:47AM
Angela: Violent crime - what we don't handle eventually handles us
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08/13/2014 12:56PM
Sorry for the innocent children and grieving families. However, the drug culture and turning heads away from it in the home needs to change. Respect for oneself, your friends, your family, your peers, YOUR TEACHERS, knowledge and your future is more important than police patrolling. Patents do your job. Monitor your kids. Monitor their class work. Go to parent teacher nights and open houses. Make your children do their homework. Get them eye glasses if they need them instead of expensive headphones and clothes. Go thru refit phones, and computers. Enforce curfews. Kids SHOUKD be home after s hook unless you know exactly where they are. Get involved in their sports and academics. Have your child evaluated early if they start to struggle. Protect your children from any and ALL ABUSE. don't allow known drug deers in your home - relative or not. If you do, you are as guilty as the shooter. Protect your / our kids. Liz
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