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Angela Hill: Will parents heed the warning about electronic & social media?

Some pretty strong language to parents from the doctors, who take care of their children…the American Academy of Pediatrics.  They warn parents that they should ban electronic media during mealtimes and at bedtime.
That’s major, as kids today are all but consumed with all kinds of media from television, videogames and music.  And, let’s add to that texting, tweeting and facebooking.
This is not a moral judgment…rather one that is focused on the potential for serious health issues.
The Pediatric Association says excessive media use is associated with obesity, poor school performance, aggression and a lack of sleep.  But, for many parents it’s going to require real tough love.
Can you take away your kid’s many media connections even for a few hours?  No one says it will be easy, but it may be one of the best things you can do to help your kids.

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11/06/2013 10:58AM
Angela Hill: Will parents heed the warning about electronic & social media?
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11/06/2013 12:05PM
Tough love
Def will try at bedtime!
11/06/2013 7:27PM
Common sense
If this is hard you shouldn't be a parent
11/08/2013 11:58AM
Parents shouldn't have to be reminded of this
I have a 5 year old daughter who, like most other children, loves to watch cartoons. During the week, there is absolutely NO television before school, and there is a thirty minute limit at night as long as all chores, homework, etc. has been done for the day. There is a one hour limit for Saturday morning cartoons, and then only a movie on either Saturday or Sunday evening (her choice, time permitting). Otherwise, she can play outdoors, or help with small chores around the house. Parents need to learn to be parents again, and not rely so heavily on television and video games as babysitters. INTERACT WITH YOUR CHILDREN!!!!
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