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Angela Hill: Who Gets Food Stamps and Who Shouldn?t

Lost in the chaos of shutting down the federal government was the issue now before the Senate…whether to slash 40 billion dollars in the food stamp program.  It has already passed the house.  It’s 40 billion dollars over a ten year period…or four billion dollars a year…a lot of money.
Does it mean thousands of people will go hungry?  Or, is it an opportunity to reset the guidelines on who gets food stamps?  Should able bodied people be required to work to get the stamps or be in some type of job training? 
In 2001 the program served 17 million people at a cost of 15 billion dollars.  By June of this year there were roughly three times that many recipients…47.8 million…at a cost of about 75 million dollars.
Let’s talk to the Louisiana office of Food Stamps about why the big increase.  Who is getting food stamps?  How they qualified and what happens if this bill passes. 
That is a big increase…almost three times.  Was the financial meltdown of ‘08 and ‘09 and millions of lost jobs the reason for the increase?  How does one qualify here in Louisiana?

What are the restrictions on the use of food stamps?  Can you buy cigarettes and liquor?  How long can you receive food stamps?
President Obama waived the work requirement in ‘09 as part of his stimulus package, but as the economy gets better, shouldn’t that be put back on?
In fact, two states have already added it…Oklahoma and Kansas.  In both states able bodied people up to age 49 with no dependents will have to work 20 hours or be in job training…to get food stamps.
Oklahoma House Speaker T. W. Shannon said the work requirement would help food stamp recipients break their addiction to government subsidies.  Wisconsin will take the step next in July…and five states have not used the waiver.
No one wants to see anyone hungry in this country, but it is shocking that government figures show one in seven Americans are on food stamps. 
If this passes by next year 4 million people will be removed from the program starting next year.  After that, the Congressional budget office says about three million a year would be cut off.
An interesting figure is that the Census Bureau released a report last month that said the Food Stamp Program had kept about 4 million people above the poverty level.  (47 million people live in poverty...that’s close to the highest level in two decades.)

And, lastly:  The increase in the number of Americans on food stamps comes as most analysts agree the buying power for most Americans has fallen steadily over the last two decades.  If food stamps are helping make up the difference for many families…many working poor, would a cut in benefits accelerate the widening gap between the "haves" and "have-nots"…or eliminate abuse and encourage more Americans to be self-reliant?

Today on ANGELA:  at 1 o’clock--younger workers versus older workers.  More and more employers are seeing the perks of hiring baby boomers and older workers…while many Gen Y and Millennials proudly call themselves “slashies”…choosing several jobs rather than a career.   Is it the fear of becoming workaholics like their parents…or is about diversity and personal satisfaction?   Is it more of a lifestyle than a life path?  And, if you were hiring today, where would you make your investment?  PLUS:  Food stamps could be slashed by 40 billion dollars.  Who will it really affect…the working poor… people who’ve just fallen on hard times…or the people who’ve taken advantage of the system?   How will it affect Louisiana?   And, should you have to work to get food stamps unless you’re incapable?  ALSO at 3pm:  Angela’s 2nd “Open Book” conversation with the first lady of the New Orleans Saints, GAIL BENSON.   Don’t miss Angela... An Open Mind with New Orleans legend, Angela Hill…weekdays 1 to 3pm on WWL.  

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10/02/2013 12:56PM
Angela Hill: Who Gets Food Stamps and Who Shouldn’t
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10/02/2013 1:22PM
Avoiding the issue
How convenient that there is no mention of the actual number f food stamp recipients in New Orleans or the "welfare queens" that love their entire lives on public assistance only to breed even more kids who expect the same handouts. It's not like this in other cities - wake up!!!
10/02/2013 2:07PM
intelligent conversation
Can't wait to hear the show. Angela, you ask such intelligent and insightful questions. Can't wait to hear the answers.
10/02/2013 2:15PM
Re: "Avoiding the issue" comments
Sir/mam, respectfully, the legend of the "Welfare Queen" is just that...an urban legend, a myth. We should follow the example of Jesus.
10/02/2013 2:16PM
Enjoying the show!
Angela, thank you again for tackling an issue that hits hard across this area, including here in Tangipahoa. It's not just an inner city problem.
10/02/2013 2:18PM
Great topic, where can I get the podcast?
Great topic, where can I get the podcast?
10/02/2013 3:42PM
Who Gets Food Stamps, etc
I really enjoyed your radio program today. It was really interesting hearing the interview with Mrs.Benson. She sounds like a very special person. Keep up the good work on your program.
10/02/2013 7:56PM
Common sense for Food Stamps
Limit the length to seven years as long as you are working on going to school to better yourself. If not a year should be the longest. Limit the number of children to one. To recieve assistance for the first child you should be required to attend educational course on children and the cost and prevention if you wish but emphazise taht you only recieve help for one. If you want to have 100 kids then it's all on you. The only exception should be recently divorced or deceased partners
10/03/2013 3:14PM
oh please bring spud back
boring , please go back to tv, and leave talk radio alone
10/03/2013 9:41PM
Angela take your leftist nonsense go home. You can pray to Obama on your own
10/03/2013 10:51PM
Obama and Democrats WANT as many people as possible ignorant and
dependent on government. Dems have controlled blacks for years on their Plantation. Any black that tries to leave is trashed by white liberals and other blacks and even has their taxes audited if they speak out. You and other leftist are always consumed with getting people on food stamps and welfare and trashing those who would rather see them work and even struggle and gain some self-respect. You are a self-righteous clown. You get off on feeling superior by trying to prove you care more by demanding that productive people are taxed more to support your welfare programs. Liberalism does NOT work because liberals pay people to NOT work.
10/04/2013 12:42AM
Leftist define compassion as spending OTHER people’s money to do good ...
and then trashing the one that they taxed as not giving enough. Liberals are ASSHÖLES!
10/04/2013 12:50AM
Seems WWL brought Scooter and Angela aboard to trash conservatives.
Sports is the only thing WWL has left worth listening to.
10/12/2013 2:08PM
how am i suppossed to feed my kids now??
I have 3 kids and no money how the hell am i suppossed to feed them? This goverment is making the united states just as bad as evrry other country!!! Iv been truing to get a job but i didnt finish high school because i was taking care of my son now when i apply for jobs nobody wants to give me a chance...i dont know what to do now without my foodstamps!!! This is rediculous!!
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