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Angela Hill: Tom Benson - New Orleans wouldn't be the same without him

The New Orleans Saints…win or lose…have given this community, this state more thrills than any other entity.  This team pulls us together in BAD times and helps us create so many GOOD times.  The Saints are the players and the coaches, but at its core is the man who believed in the team when he bought it. 
Tom Benson has taken a team that didn’t know what winning was and turned it into a Super Bowl champion.  He did it methodically by hiring the right people…and never losing sight of the goal.  And, now he’s established a new goal for his NBA team—the New Orleans Pelicans.  One can only think…this is how he lived his life.
Tom Benson is a self-made man, who must have had dreams as a child growing up in New Orleans…dreams as a young man building his future and goals of being a success.  He has accomplished them all.
And, now, he and his wife, Gayle, have become a charitable force in New Orleans.  Together as a team they continue to touch the lives of so many, whether it’s through their donations to education, healthcare, the arts or their church. 
Our community would simply not be the same without them.

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02/13/2014 3:37PM
Angela Hill: Tom Benson – New Orleans wouldn’t be the same without him
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02/13/2014 3:56PM
Tom Benson...
that interview was the most insightful discussion I ever heard with Tom Benson. Thanks for that, Angela. Done only as you can do it.
02/13/2014 4:02PM
Interview with Tom Benson
I listened to the interview with Tom and Rita Benson. They are the epitome of class and goodness. They are not only the owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, they are fans as well. I also played at St. Roch Park growing up and lived in the same area. I'm proud to say this "Who Dat" can relate!
02/13/2014 4:02PM
Hometown hero
If Mr. Benson wanted to, he could just live the life of a rich man, isolated from the realities of the rest of us. Lucky us he cares about our community. He really is New Orleans at heart. Thanks, Angela. Thanks, Tom Benson.
02/13/2014 4:10PM
Mr. Benson
There should be a statue of him outside the Dome
02/13/2014 4:13PM
I had friends in the meetings in San Antonio. Benson did not want to come back. He said don't send me back to that empty f@#$*$# stadium.
02/13/2014 9:11PM
Thanks Mr. Benson
Thanks for turning all the negatives into positives. You and your wife have done so much not just for new Orleans but the entire surrounding areas. Keep it... please. Geaux Saints
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