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Angela Hill: 'Tis NO Season of Buying for Shopaholics

Tis the season for giving…so many find themselves in the malls, shopping on line or hitting the fun shopping streets in the Quarter and on Magazine Street.

AUDIO: Terri Smith & Mary Lou McCall with Action Against Addiction, and shopaholic Marcel Leone

But, there is no season of buying for  a shopaholic.  They don’t wait till holidays, or birthdays or any special occasion.  Every day can be a shopping day.

A study five years ago by the Journal of Consumer Research says the number of compulsive shoppers is around 25 million Americans.  25 MILLION!

And it isn’t just women, if that’s what you were thinking.  In a study by Stanford…compulsive shoppers were equally split among men and women.

But, compulsive shopping or compulsive spending is real and  it can destroy lives.  It is now seen as an addiction like alcoholism, eating or drugs.  And like those addictions, help is available.

In our show on shopaholics we talked to a man who says he is a shopaholic and  two addiction specialists.

Do you feel your spending has gotten out of control or do you live with someone who you think is a compulsive shopper? 

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12/18/2013 5:00PM
Angela Hill: ‘Tis NO Season of Buying for Shopaholics
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