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Angela Hill: Stopping violence on our streets...and in our homes

It seems like the old one step forward another step back…fewer murders in New Orleans this year than last.   And, that is important.  But, the last month has been a “shooting field” for women and children. And, then there have been the ever present shootings of young men.  
Meanwhile, Louisiana is yet another Top Ten…this time for the number of women killed by men. This is the third year we’ve made that list, and it is appalling.
The overwhelming number of these murders are by men who know the women they kill. It is the ultimate act of domestic violence.
Violence on our streets, and in our homes…Why are we always so high in these statistics?  What are we doing or not doing to allow this to happen? 
In the case of domestic violence, do we have a culture that diminishes women more than other states?  Forty years ago there were no women’s shelters in the state.  Today we at least have these havens for women who try to escape.  It’s a major step forward.  But, there is still something terribly wrong when in this century where women can be educated, aspire to be anything…there are those who want to destroy their dreams and  control their daily lives.
And in the case of the near-daily murders, violent crime is complex and can’t just be fought by the police department.  On the streets, we as citizens expect a lot from the NOPD, and we should.  There are excellent officers, but not enough.  The issues of residency, how details are parceled out and even the question of whether cops should have tattoos that show…need to be resolved  quickly…like now.
New Orleans has a true culture of violence and the entire third army division couldn’t change it.  Solving the problems of violent crime, whether it be domestic violence or murders on our hometown streets, will not happen overnight.  Good people are fighting the fight for the people who feel powerless to do so themselves. Still, the only long term solution:  Change has to come from within. 
We will discuss both areas of violence on today’s show.  NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas will talk to us about what the NOPD has done, and is doing, to try to curb the epidemic of murder.  And, experts in the field of domestic violence will join me in studio to talk about how we put a stop to the violence against our mothers, sisters, and daughters.
It’s all today on “An Open Mind.”  Join me, won’t you?
ALSO TODAY:  Two referees arrested at a high school football game for “public intimidation.”  Did they deserve to be, or did authorities overreact?  Who’s in charge when a crowd gets out of control—refs or police?  And, what lesson did these adults teach students in the stands?  Don’t miss Angela - an open mind…with the legendary Angela Hill…weekdays 1 to 4pm on W-W-L!

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10/15/2013 10:24AM
Angela Hill: Stopping violence on our streets…and in our homes
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