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Angela Hill: Should non-profits lose tax exempt status?

Just like you or your family… the City of New Orleans can’t spend money it doesn’t have.
So we don’t get all our street lights fixed or our potholes filled.  We don’t have the number of police officers we should have.  And, we continue to have crumbling infrastructure.

AUDIO: Angela talks with Janet Howard of the Bureau of Governmental Research about property tax exemptions.


It’s about money… and not enough of it.  But, the city could have much more if everyone who owned property paid something.
There is at least a billion dollars in property, if not more, that pays nothing.  They are buildings owned by non-profits, who are exempt from paying property taxes.  Churches, universities, hospitals pay nothing, but use the same streets, the same police, the same sewer system. 
When fewer pay, those who do have to pay more, just to keep the basic level of services going.
We are a poor city.  We need more tax dollars and we need not to add taxes to those who already pay the bulk.  We need more entities on the property tax rolls.
The Bureau of Governmental Research did a study on non-profits and the impact of their tax-exempt status.   Their insights are eye-opening and sometimes jaw-dropping.  We’ll talk about it today at 1 o’clock.  Join us, won’t you? 
Today on Angela:  should non-profits lose their tax-exempt status?  If the city collected taxes on money earned and on property from universities, churches and other large institutions…maybe they could afford the 2 consent decrees, more police & infrastructure fixes?  We’ll talk to Janet Howard, President & CEO of BGR (Bureau of ‘Governmental Research).   PLUS:  “On the Front Porch”  - our focus today The French Quarter!   Our guests:  Meg Lousteau & Carol Allen with the Vieux Carre Property Owners/Residents Association and Coco Garret, President of French Quarter Citizens.  AND:  Do you know any shopaholics? It’s a powerful addiction and we have help for those afflicted.   Joining us—Terri Smith & Mary Lou McCall with Action  Against Addiction; and shopaholic Marcel Leone.

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12/18/2013 11:53AM
Angela Hill: Should non-profits lose tax exempt status?
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12/18/2013 1:26PM
Careful about taxing properties...
If a tax works like a fee-for-use, such as road taxes per vehicle, that's not as obnoxious as taxes on property, and I could *maybe* see taxes or fees, even for a non-profit. However, any property that is taxed is not actually owned by the entity on the title, in my opinion, because non-payment or inability to pay eventually equals loss of the property to the state, or to whomever pays off the state.
12/18/2013 1:44PM
Tulane University is tax exempt, too! Exempt from sales tax & property tax! I don't believe they're a non-profit.
12/18/2013 1:51PM
When Government attacks the wasteful spending and does what is right and efficient, then we can consider opening up the tax base.
12/18/2013 1:51PM
No way. The more money given to the go ernment means money fof them to mismanage!
12/18/2013 1:54PM
These exemptions have been around forever. So why is the city poor now? Figure that questions out first.
12/18/2013 2:19PM
Non Profits
Angela - appreciate your show and the question. Fact is the IRS "scandal" of recent memory was organizations flooding with applications of a generic nature that truly were doubtful as "social welfare" groups - the IRS due to political pressure is in a bind when it comes to targeting organizations that abuse 501C3 and C4 status in the first place - it would be less of a problem if organizations that didn't deserve or earn the exemption were held to account for that, leaving the true charities to have the exemptions - but because of politics, the IRS and Congress refuse to clearly define what is and isn't charity. This is a problem that will take courage to tackle and will anger extremists and special interests on the left and right, but it needs to be done - in effect, we are losing revenue to groups who lobby against the interests of our communities.
12/18/2013 2:32PM
If non profits like red cross loose exemption as you want them to do then govt will have to spend more doing the job. How bout salvation army and many other need based faith based organizations. Lets take from them a big reason why people give. Come on lets think a little before we go changing things please.
12/18/2013 2:41PM
Yes, if we start with the Catholic Church.
Yes, if we start with the Catholic Church.
12/18/2013 3:40PM
The catholic church and local universities own more tax exempt properties than the ordinary citizen is aware of . There is no valid reason why the dormitories , housing and parking lots they own and make money off of shouldn't be taxed . I'm tired of carrying EVERYONE'S burden .
12/18/2013 4:46PM
look in the mirror
The city of New Orleans itself owns many properties that they themselves have not paid taxes on either. Don't start pointing fingers. They owe millions in property taxes themselves. Let's audit them and see when the last time they actuallypaid.
12/21/2013 8:46AM
NFL ¿a nonprofit
Start with the NFL @ continue on to large religius congregaton of all flavors of faith. If the do provide charitable programs, or, deduct that charity from their tax bill, but do tax them
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