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Angela Hill: Scammers have no conscience, and they could be coming for you

Just when you think scammers can’t come up with another idea on how to get your money, another scam is born. I don’t know whether I’m more offended by the sheer audacity of those who live to rip us off, or by the use of their creative sides for such malevolent goals.
These characters are without conscience or heart and strictly want to steal from you. It may be your money or your identity, but you will be their victim nonetheless; unless you know how to protect yourself.

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We all have to be more and more alert. It is a pain, but so is losing money or trying to retrieve your identity! That’s why today we are getting the latest from the experts in  the world of scams. We'll talk to Micheal Anderson, Special Agent in Charge of the local FBI office, Sanettria Pleasant, Director of the Public Protection Division of the Louisiana Attorney General’s office, and Cynthia Albert, VP of Operations at the Better Business Bureau.

Join me, won't you?

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11/12/2013 11:26AM
Angela Hill: Scammers have no conscience and they're coming for you
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11/12/2013 2:03PM
You are Correct about these Characters. Notice most of them are in Africa, or United Kingdom? I just tell them, I am so " Thrilled" I won whatever they say I did. I tell them, take out my fees, keep an Extra $50,000 for their trouble, mail mea check to my post office box...
11/13/2013 8:37AM
You are correct. I presently have one that has been contacting me on and off and just won't leave me alone. He uses the story that he's starving and dying. They are very smooth talkers and manipulators. The fake emails were going to my spam folder and just recently have been going into my inbox.
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