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Angela Hill: OPEN MIC with Archie Manning

Archie Manning may have been born in Drew, Mississippi, but he is very much ours.
His name is synonymous with determination, perseverance, excellence and humility…rarely seen in one person.
His football legacy is legend and now his life better known since the release of “The Book of Manning,” a documentary about his life from birth to today.
Although it is football that is the thread through the entire production, it is much more the story of man who valued family above all.
Revered for his athletic skills both at Ole Miss and with the New Orleans Saints, perhaps we all
know now that what Archie always had his eye on was being a good father, a good husband and a good citizen. 
In that arena Archie has truly won the Super Bowl.
Please join me for our next OPEN BOOK with our beloved Archie Manning today at 3pm!
P.S.  if you haven’t seen this amazing documentary, “The Book of Manning”…here’s it is:

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10/31/2013 12:20PM
Angela Hill: OPEN MIC with Archie Manning
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10/31/2013 3:13PM
Manning - Class
When one thinks of the Manning Family, all you can think of is "Class." The family is awesome.
11/01/2013 7:28AM
What has this BUM ever done for the Saints??... I'm waiting.....Help us be the Aints!! I just dont get it. Riding on the coat tails of his sons
11/02/2013 8:27AM
Yes! Without doubt, Archie Manning is a rare commodity! Nice to be reminded that people with "values" are still cherished by some. Can you imagine if America had more like him?
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