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Angela Hill: New Orleans - A Shopping Mecca Again?

Angela@wwl.com - 10.7.13  Canal Street used to be the shopping mecca for not only New Orleanians, but area residents who wanted a special shopping experience.  Those days are sadly gone…gone with the family owned stores where memories were made and sales tax dollars collected.

The last 30 years shopping shifted to the suburbs…the malls as well as the large parking lots and the big box stores.  And with them all the sales tax dollars New Orleans so desperately needs.

But, like a breath of fresh air, new stores are coming back to town.  The Riverwalk is bringing in what they call a high end outlet mall anchored by a Neiman Marcus first call store.  Costco opened its first store off Carrollton Avenue.  A whole food market is almost completed on North Broad.  Walmart is building two new stores--one in Gentilly…the other in New Orleans East.
And on the West Bank…a Petco, a Ross Clothing store and a Mattress Firm will be right off General DeGaulle.  

Will New Orleanians support the new stores?  Will residents from outlying parishes come shopping?  The signs are good and the tax money could be even better.  And, we need it.

For every pot hole and street light out….the solution is more revenue to get them fixed.

More shopping sprees in New Orleans could be a very good thing.

Today I was joined on "An Open Mind" by Brenda Canada, Director of Retail Attraction with the New Orleans Business Alliance and Aimee Quirk, advisor to Mayor Landrieu on economic development.  We discussed the need to expand shopping and retail opportunities in New Orleans, and what it means for our continued recovery.   Click here to listen to the podcast of our conversation....

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10/08/2013 4:28PM
Angela Hill: New Orleans - A Shopping Mecca Again?
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10/08/2013 5:28PM
Shopping on Canal Street?
Shopping will never return to Canal Street until the sleezy shops and the T-shirt shops disappear. Canal Street should be like fifth avenue in New York or Downtown Seattle. Those are actual safe, shopping meccas.
10/08/2013 7:17PM
We need a Bloomingdales on Canal
10/08/2013 7:28PM
Canal St
Hope the stores sell bullet proof vests!
10/08/2013 8:52PM
River Front Shopping
New Orleans river front is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Shopping designer discount stores in that setting will draw people in. And, not just tourists visiting the city, but residents in metro New Orleans. Why go to Gonzales, when you can shop on the river front?
10/08/2013 8:54PM
How nice
How nice it would be if all the people who earned their living in New Orleans actually shopped here and contributed to the tax base.
10/09/2013 2:19AM
Shopping on Canal St? Only when panhandlers/con artist/t-shirt shops.... are gone.
Shopping on Canal St? Only when (1) panhandlers/con artist (2) t-shirt shops, (3) glorified ghetto liquor store/t-shirt trinket and urban wear stores are gone.
10/26/2013 8:28AM
Rapid Transit System
An elevated monorail with park n ride service might help.
10/26/2013 8:34AM
Like the one at the World's Fair? How fast do they go today?
10/26/2013 8:43AM
See it on Youtube
Someone put an entire monorail tour of the fair on Youtube.
10/26/2013 9:56AM
Found It
Just google 1984 worlds fair and image link is near top.
10/26/2013 10:23AM
Thats not the video
Google: 1984 monorail for the video image link. You'll see it.
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