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Angela Hill: Louisiana not ready for job explosion

Louisiana is bracing for an explosion in jobs…69,000 jobs to be exact.  We’re talking jobs with a math and science background.  Are we prepared?

No, says Steven Waguespack, new head of the Louisiana Association of Business & Industry.  He just completed a statewide tour; talking with employers big and small and what he learned is discouraging at best.
Not only is there real concern for the future, what he heard from employers is that they’re having a tough time finding workers today…workers who will show up on time, know how to talk politely to customers and who can pass a drug test.
Our guests--Mr. Waguespack is with is Mike Mitternight, president of factory service agency and past president of LABI.  He has been a business leader for years.   Also, joining the discussion--Jill Garner, who has a non-profit company called “Manners of the Heart,” that teaches the soft skills needed in today’s working world.

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How did we get in this situation?  And, more importantly, how are we going to fix it?
Very Important conversation; join us, won’t you?

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12/23/2013 11:14AM
Angela Hill: Louisiana not ready for job explosion
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12/24/2013 10:08AM
Mr. E
Where's this mythical jobs explosion I've been hearing is coming to Louisiana since I graduated from LA Tech in the 1980s and have never seen? I've lived in several states since then because of the lack of employment opportunities in Louisiana! Like everyone one else graduating from Louisiana universities, I moved to Texas to find employment. There are thousands of us Louisiana expatriates who would move back to the state and our families in a second if only we could find equitable employment that made use of our training and experience. Businesses relocate to Texas not because of taxes, but because Texas has one of the toughest tort reform laws in the country. Louisiana is happy to be named as the worst state for jackpot justice. Saying something doesn't make it so, and no amount of happy talk from either the Obama or the Jindal administrations is going to make us believe what we are seeing with our lying eyes - that the economy is lousy and there aren't any jobs!
12/24/2013 8:45PM
Job explosion - joke
I totally agree with the above comment. Took a transfer with my company to TX and then Denver because I couldn't find a job in LA. Maybe they are talking about the younger generation is all I can figure out. They aren't giving those EMPTY jobs to the older people even though they have the skills.
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