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Angela Hill: How Do We Stop Elder Abuse?

There was a recent story out of Livingston Parish about a 43 year old man convicted of extorting money and property from a 75 year old woman, who thought she was in a romantic relationship with man.

Prosecutors say the man convinced the woman they would eventually marry. The 75 year old woman, who had been diagnosed with early onset dementia and depression 4 years ago, gave the man eighty thousand dollars from a reverse mortgage she took out on her home.

The 43 year old man was convicted of exploitation of the infirm.  More simply put…elder abuse.

It's a subject we need to talk more about.  As our population ages, more will be vulnerable to predators.  And the predators come in many forms…like this man in Livingston parish who will now go to prison.  Others are sometimes the people paid to care for the elderly.  

We’ll talk about it today.  Join me, won’t you?


P.S.  Although our Black and Gold heroes dropped a tough one on the road this weekend, the Who Dat Nation is stronger than ever.  Click here to view a great video of a visit by die-hard Saints fans, including a live performance of “Who Dat Dream” on my show by Dave Newman!

Also today on ANGELA:   Do you suffer with headaches?  Are they migraines?  Sinus headaches?  Cluster headaches?  What’s the root cause?  And, how do you prevent them or at least manage them?  Neurologist Dr. Caroline Barton takes your calls.  AND:  OPEN BOOK with Mary Lou McCall and John Young III about alcohol & drug addiction and family recovery.   

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10/14/2013 10:26AM
Angela Hill: How Do We Stop Elder Abuse?
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10/14/2013 2:59PM
Elder Abuse
Elder abuse is the reason why my 88 year old Mother will never be put in a home. She is wheel chair bound, lives with me, and I am her care giver. Being an only child I chose to make the decision of caring for my Mother.
10/16/2013 9:51AM
Elder Abuse
My mother was a victim of Elder Financial Abuse. To try and help others, I developed a product called eXscan. I suggest folks check it out if they are intent on keeping an eye on the issue.
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