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Angela Hill: Hope for Central City?

Central City in New Orleans has long been the center of complete sadness.  The numbers take your breath away...because the numbers are people.  Fewer than 20 percent of the kids there live with two parents.  25% of children live with a caretaker other than a parent.  50% of central city residents live in poverty.  The murder rate there is four times the city average.
As the rest of New Orleans has been living a revival post Katrina, it’s like Central City is a dead zone.
But, that’s not entirely true, in part because of the efforts of a small group of highly motivated street warriors, people whose primary function is to prevent the cycle of sadness in the young and to give a hand up to those who have already gotten in trouble, paid the piper and now must start again.
They are members of the Youth Empowerment Project and they are saving lives. 
It may be the last great hope for Central City.
Note:  If you’re weary of all the violent crime committed by children and teens, don’t miss a close-up look at this innovative and effective program, that’s stemming the cycle and really making a difference between a life of poverty, jail or death for them…and one of hope for our community.   
Our guests at 3pm:   Melissa Sawyer, Director of the Youth Empowerment Program and retired judge Calvin Johnson.
Please join us…

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10/30/2013 12:16PM
Angela Hill: Hope for Central City?
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10/31/2013 11:21AM
If there is no hope, then what?
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