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Angela: Four years after BP spill, people are still sick

It's been four years to the month and the story not being told by many about the BP oil spill is about formerly healthy people now seriously ill from the use of dispersants in the aftermath of the spill.

A new movie “Restoration” tells their heart-breaking story.  

THE RESTORATION from Drew Landry on Vimeo.

Today I talked to the filmmaker and songwriter Drew Landry and Dr. Mike Robichaux, who has seen healthy people disabled after contact with oil dispersants used in the cleanup. We we very fortunate to have "On Wings of Care" founder Bonny Schumaker as well.

So, why’s BP not paid a penny for these people's care?  Should they be held accountable?  

In addition to lives lost on the rig, the oil spill has had far reaching effects on the environment, sea life, animals, wetlands, and people.

What should happen to BP for this neglect?   Who should pay for the pain, suffering and damaged lives?  

FULL AUDIO: Angela on the BP oil spill's continuing effects

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04/25/2014 4:27PM
Angela: Four years after BP spill, people are still sick
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04/26/2014 8:29PM
beach cleanup worker
I also have been very sick many problems never took medication now on 14 different kinds & also a shot of Humira every other week!! Now I have skin cancer I broke out in june 2010 on Pensacola beach working!! I smelled a strong smell when we would go to beach to clean up oil but didn't realize dispersant was being sprayed ask if we should be wearing respirators & that was a no no they didn't want anyone asking much less supplying it for workers!! I'm so sick & probably will never be the same.Its been 4 years now so I'm sure the damage is done! :(
05/28/2014 12:50AM
PUBLIC EXPOSED and SO ARE U Get ya VOC test and SEE :-(
05/28/2014 12:59AM
The LADY who knows the TRUTH Copy and Paste link in Google and watch
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72sCg-X0zE4 https://www.facebook.com/jamie.brown.54772728/posts/589124264518506 FYI and PLEASE SHARE UP and DOWN DA BAYOU GAP discovered that “BP and the federal government believed that allowing workers to wear respirators would not create a positive public image. As a result, OSHA permitted BP threats and retaliation against workers who insisted on wearing this protection. Nearly half of the cleanup workers interviewed by GAP reported that they were threatened with termination when they tried to wear respirators or additional safety equipment on the job. Many received early termination notices after raising safety concerns on the job. All workers interviewed reported that they were provided minimal or no personal protective equipment on the job.” The Obama Administration/BP misinformation campaign and cover-up activities have placed thousands of people at immediate risk and may lay a foundation for adverse effects that may be felt not only in the Gulf region but throughout the world for years to come. GAP identifies this sobering reality: Despite the fact that Corexit mixed with oil is highly toxic, the EPA now lists the chemical as its primary tool for handling future oils spills. Politics once again prevails over truth and health. http://www.newswithviews.com/Emord/jonathan316.htm It's all there PLEASE SHARE FOLKS your life does depend on it!!
05/28/2014 10:18AM
Les Evenchick
The Louisiana State Dept of Health knew about the medical dangers according to memos I have seen via a friends FOIA request. But what did they do with that knowledge?
06/08/2014 8:48AM
Renee Dufrene
I worked the spill from day one of may7 2010 till July 2013 there's alot more people really don't know about.
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