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Angela: Could you represent yourself in court?

AUDIO: Angela talks self-representation with Michael Schachtman and Richard Leefe

Let’s say you’re going through a divorce… or being evicted…or facing any number of legal issues…and you don’t have the money to hire a lawyer.  What do you do?  Well, in a growing number of cases you go to court and represent yourself.

It’s called self-represented litigation.  According to a recent Bar Association journal…50 to 60 percent of cases in state courts around the country are now handled by non-lawyers…people like you and me who are representing themselves.

How does that work?  More importantly… is it working?

In these turbulent economic times where job loss, downsizing, rising healthcare costs, increased debt, and foreclosures are driving people faced with divorce, custody battles and lawsuits to defend themselves.  Hope it doesn’t ever happen to you, but what if it did?

Don’t miss invaluable information from our guests:  Richard Leefe, president of the Louisiana Bar Association and Michael Schachtman, who runs the self-represented litigation council/ access to justice program for the  Louisiana State Bar Association.  

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11/20/2013 2:21PM
Angela: Could you represent yourself in court?
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