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Angela: Beyond the horror of Bourbon St shooting; not enough cops

Beyond the horror of ten people being shot on one of the most famous streets in America last week, beyond the sadness of one young lady murdered at the beginning of her adult life, we now face the reality that New Orleans doesn’t have enough police officers.

Everyone agrees that having many more officers on Bourbon Street in the early morning hours of that Sunday may not have prevented the insane actions of two men… but it clearly brought to light once again that we have a crisis in police manpower.

Within days, Mayor Mitch Landrieu called a press conference announcing that he had asked State Police for one hundred permanent officers, and asked President Barack Obama for extra Federal help; in essence saying the Feds had abandoned the streets of America’s cities.  

The state police sent 50 officers, who will be here through Labor Day.  No word yet from the President, however. Michael Anderson, head of the local FBI office, wrote a scathing guest column in the newspaper defending the amount of work his office has done helping with major street crime arrests and convictions in New Orleans in the last several years.

This obviously is a conversation that is going to continue for a while…

Which is why today we talked to Captain Michael Glasser, the head of PANO (the Police Association of New Orleans) about the strong letter he wrote in response to Mayor Landrieu’s press conference and the call for more help from the state and federal government. Police Chief Ronal Serpas responds to Glasser in the second half of the show. 

Hopefully, the end result will be an honest conversation about how to un-crack the foundation of NOPD. 

FULL AUDIO: Angela talks to Capt. Glasser and Chief Serpas about police manpower crisis

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07/08/2014 5:06PM
Angela: Beyond the horror of Bourbon St shooting; not enough cops
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