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Posted: Tuesday, 17 December 2013 11:12AM

Alleged tasing suspects caught in Houma

The Houma Police Department says two arrests have been made in the tasing, beating and robbery of a disabled man.

Chief Todd Duplantis says they caught the November 11th crime being committed on a surveillance camera showing two suspects shocking and beating the victim then taking his cell phone and wallet.

"We put the video out to the media and we have received credible tips," Duplantis said. "We also had some very aggressive work done by the detectives in that area."

Duplantis says 19-year-old Tre Paul Britton (right) and 17-year-old Drake Mobley (left) were booked with armed robbery and second degree battery.

"One tases the victim while the other one beat him," Duplantis described. "These are the two main suspects."

Duplantis says more arrests are likely because they believe there were more people in the get away vehicle.

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