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Posted: Monday, 31 March 2014 8:38AM

Access to your social media should be protected from your boss, says lawmaker

How would like to have to give your boss access to your online social media accounts as a condition of your employment? Or, if you're a student, have make that information available to school administrators?

"I don't like it," one man in New Orleans said about that.

"I don't think that's any employers' business," said another.

Rep. Ted James (D-Baton Rouge) agrees.  His bill to protect workers and students is up for debate today in the House Commerce committee today.

James's bill would prohibit an employer or a school from asking for a person's log-in and password information for their personal email or social media page. He also says that an employer can't fire someone if they don't give up that information.
James says his legislation would not apply to equipment that is issued by a school or company.

"If you have a Blackberry that's issued by your employer that is strictly for business related to your job, I can't say the company isn't allowed to monitor that," said James. "And the same goes for a laptop given to a student by a school."

James says he doesn't think it's your boss's business to know what's going on with your personal life and information or pictures you choose to share with your friends and family online.

"I want employees and students to feel free to have whatever discussions they want to have on their personal devices and in their personal accounts," James said.


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