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Posted: Monday, 06 May 2013 1:57PM

AZ head shop using Tyrann Matheiu's image for ad

A Phoenix-area shop specializing in products commonly used to smoke marijuana is raising eyebrows with a print advertisement featuring former LSU standout Tyrann Mathieu.

The ad in the Phoenix New Times newspaper/magazine features a game photo of Mathieu in  his LSU jersey and helmet with a banner reading, "Honey Badger.  Welcome to Phoenix!  We have what you're looking for."

The Arizona Cardinals selected Mathieu in the third round of the NFL Draft, after the former Tiger repeatedly reassured NFL teams that he has turned his life around after failing repeated drug tests at LSU.

Greg Centrone, one of the owners of Bud's Glass Joint, says while most people in Arizona don't follow LSU football, he'd heard of Tyrann Mathieu and his off-field trouble.    

"Honestly, we just thought it would be funny."

Listen to an interview with Greg Centrone:

Now that his ad has spread beyond Phoenix, how long does Centrone think it will take before he hears from LSU's or Mathieu's lawyers?

"You know what?  I'm not sure," Centrone said.  "It's a joke."

But Tulane sports law director Gabe Feldman says some lawyers might not think it's so funny.

"Well, they've got two potential claims against them, at least," Feldman said -- LSU might not be happy its football uniform appears in the ad,  and Feldman said Mathieu could have a claim, too.

LSU has a history of aggressive enforcement of copyright and/or trademark violations involving commercials and advertisements making unauthorized use of the school's sports programs.

LSU Athletics spokesman Micheal Bonnett today said, "LSU has no comment on this." 

Mathieu has not yet commented on the unauthorized use of his image to promote the "head shop."


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