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ANGELA -- An Open Mind...an open invitation

angela@wwl.com - 9.30.13

I am so happy to be in my new home, WWL radio.

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It’s the same feeling I had when I drove down Rampart Street to go to work at Channel 4 almost 40 years ago.  Happy.  I don’t know how I knew New Orleans was the right fit, but it was…and it is.
I feel as if I have lived a four decade love affair with this city.  I have loved all that makes it so unique…every musical sound, every crawfish and beignet…and every smile of familiarity.  
Not every place in this world is interesting.  We are.
Not every place has personality.  We do.
And not every place has spirit.  I frankly believe we invented it.
New Orleans has it all.  It’s fun.  It’s sassy.  It’s welcoming.  Yet, it’s complex and deep.
How many other cities could build a world class museum to World War II, AND have a museum to honor the cocktail?
How many places on this earth can shut down an entire city, throw a party for a million people and to the rest of the world it’s just a plain old Tuesday?
New Orleans is rich in everything that matters…history, culture and most importantly…the people who have created it all.
But, as in any love affair, I have also felt the disappointment, frustration and even hurt that happens when caring about something so much.  I love you, New Orleans for everything you are…but like so many citizens, I struggle with knowing all you could be.
It took a hurricane to right so many wrong…to finally fight for decent schools…to demand honesty and accountability from those in charge at every level of government…to scream collectively that we will not tolerate the worst crime reputation in the country.
As one who loves you, I see the many steps forward you have taken.  So many of our people have come home, and so many new young people have joined the family.  Our great restaurants are back…along with so many new ones.  Our tourism industry is on fire.  Our beloved City Park is flourishing.  Our theaters are reopening.  And, the incredible people who stood up after the storm to fight for our levees, our wetlands, and our future remain citizen warriors.  We are a stronger better place.
But as we take these amazing steps forward…we take a few back.
Some of the people we trusted embarrassed us.  Some of the people we depended on let us down.
We are suffering with the killing of so many children.  We are frustrated and weary with all crime.
This city is rare and special and it is so because of one thing…its people.  It’s the people who breathe life into New Orleans.  It’s only the people who can make us all we can be.
I feel strongly about so many things in our community and that’s what I hope this program can be…a place to talk about what is right…what is wrong…and what can be done to  be better.
Join me…with an open mind.   Tell me what is important to you in whatever part of Greater New Orleans you live, work or play in.

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09/30/2013 1:29PM
ANGELA – An Open Mind…an open invitation
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09/30/2013 2:08PM
Response to Open Mind
Talking about what's wrong and what can be done makes people feel better. However, if there is not any follow up or people to have a plan to make the changes, then it's only talk. What need is action. It is way too for talking without action. Everyone has opinion but not many are willing to do anything about it.
09/30/2013 2:10PM
welcome !
The "guys" are good, but a female voice will be a welcome change (a Pensacola listner)
09/30/2013 2:14PM
You are a beath of fresh air.
Thank you for staying with our City and thank you for loving us so much. I know you will address each and every topic in a loving, professional way that only you can do. Let's get some things accomplished together!
09/30/2013 2:18PM
Hi ya Angela
Angela, glad you are aboard the WWL train. We need some positive feelings of good things going on in NO and not always the stabbings, murders, etc. you can bring a good smile to an afternoon face.
09/30/2013 2:32PM
Thanks for staying Angela!
They need a woman's touch!
09/30/2013 2:58PM
Change Starts At Home
But we need leaders with passion and integrity. Leaders willing to be held accountable! Talk is cheap, we hear the same promises every election year. Angela, take your love for the city, your integrity and compassion and run for mayor!
09/30/2013 3:35PM
A True New Orleanian-Angela Hill
So happy to hear that you will still be with us! Our City can be one of the best places to live if we could only get the crime and the blight out of the way. Everyday we are faced with these two obstacles and a constant reminder of the storms of 2005. Other Cities have overcome these problems and somehow we have to find a way to stop the murders.
09/30/2013 3:43PM
A Homecoming
Angela, My name is John Martin. I was raised in and around this City back in the sixties. I moved away for 40 years but no matter where I was in the world, when people asked me where was, the answer was always the same: New Orleans. Since Katrina, I have wanted to return and become a part of the Fabric of the Crescent City. I returned this past January and I have not been disappointed in the people and their courage. However I am amazed at the inability if the Government to root out the cancers that infest segments of our population and if our neighborhoods that continue to thrive on the business of Blight. What can a returnee like myself do to 'effectively' affect change? ithink@ithink.mobi
09/30/2013 4:15PM
I Remember
Hi Angela, I remember one of your first broadcasts. I think it was WWL Television. You were doing a story about firefighters and you were trying to climb a ladder. I can't remember much of the details but I remember thinking how pretty you looked trying to get up that ladder. Can't believe it was 40 years ago.
09/30/2013 5:00PM
From the heart
Thank you for speaking about New Orleans from the heart. First hour was interesting and fun. That hour with Steve Gleason was one of the most touching moments I've ever heard on radio.
09/30/2013 5:28PM
Good Luck Angela!
I want to wish you all the best in your new venture/adventure!! New Orleans loves you!!! ( Me too!) Dana
09/30/2013 6:28PM
Harold La Croix
Hi everything you say is true to my heart. As I lived at france and tonti st in the 9th ward.was there for besty and before Poland Ave was ever build moved out at17 for the army. Moved around but been back on north Shore since 1983.new orleans is still my town . miss everything that was here ay a kid.love you keep the spirit up and we all ways prevail
09/30/2013 8:49PM
Took spuds job and you were retired
09/30/2013 11:12PM
Spud has a job.
09/30/2013 11:47PM
This is an outrage. Angela OvertheHill ought to stay retired and let that man (Spud) keep his show so he can raise his children. It borders on criminal to put the security of a family at risk in this economy.
10/01/2013 12:02AM
To the person that thinks this is criminal, why don't you go get a real job, instead of worrying about this? Clearly, you have to much time on your hands. As far a Spud, Spud was a dud. Sorry, Spud, but it just didn't do for me. Sounding dumbed done (when you're not) and folksy was a turnoff.
10/01/2013 6:01AM
Welcome, Angela!
Enjoyed yesterday's show. Looking forward to my afternoon drive listening to you! Wishing you the best!
10/01/2013 7:52AM
10/01/2013 11:26AM
Welcome back Angela!
I listened in to your first show from my present home in Beverly Hills, California. It was truly like "old times". WWL Radio is an excellent station. I look forward to returning to New Orleans one day. It clearly has the best food, atmosphere and especially the greatest people in the world. Congratulations on your new position. An "old Friend" from your early WWL TV days, Fred Siegel
10/01/2013 4:55PM
You must be kidding
Thanks for taking Spuds air time. We cannot get that crummy little station in Alabama. I hope you fail, it is what you deserve.
10/01/2013 5:21PM
Open mind?
What a lame show. No enthusiasm or energy. What are you people at aWWL trying to do, bore the drive time audience into a stupor? I've got an idea instead of calling your show "open mind" why not call it "open the door" and don't let it hit you3 on your way out. Give Spud his spot back!!!
10/01/2013 8:08PM
Spud was an embarrassment to the English language. Glad he's gone. He was awful. Now, if we can replace "whining, opinionated Tommy" it would be even better!
10/02/2013 7:02AM
Riding the coat tails
So Angela can't get a job on her own? She's got to ride Garlnd's coat tails?
10/02/2013 2:15PM
Missed Spud
Angela, you are boring and your show will not last. Bring Spud back
10/02/2013 2:47PM
Stay home Angela
You are boring. Spud is the man to fill this spot. Please enjoy your retirement andd stay home and let Spud gets his job back. If not, I will have to listen to other station.
10/02/2013 2:59PM
big flop
big mistake
10/03/2013 6:01PM
Bring spud back
After listening to part of today's show, I really think like someone needs a psychiatrist. You've got to be kidding. What a boring show. Are you trying to put the drive time audience in a coma? Even the tenor in her voice is enough to put someone to sleep. And if that's not enough even the guests take on the same monotone voice. And the topics? Really? Psychiatrists? I feel like I need one. I really feel like ripping my toenails and soaking my feet in vinegar after today's show. Bring Spud back!!!!
10/04/2013 2:17PM
TV talent vs Radio ability.
On radio one needs to think on your feet--not merely read from a teleprompter and have your hair just right. One retirement check must not be enough. You've lost me as an afternoon listener--bring back Spud--he related to his listeners.
10/04/2013 8:57PM
Helen and Todd
This was a big mistake bringing Angela Hill on. Please put Spud back on.
10/06/2013 1:58PM
She was boring on her old TV show and she will be boring on radio. She's good enough as a stiff news reader but has zero personality. Watch these ratings tank...
10/11/2013 4:27PM
I'm Glad She is Back
Angela is a New Orleans institution, even if she wasn't born here. She grew to be the person she is now while living here and I am happy she is on the radio. Angela has done so many wonderful things for our City and we should show her our appreciation. She is always involved with charities and donates her time to the SPCA. I say that I am so happy you are back Angela. I knew you wouldn't be gone too long when you retired. Good Luck!
10/25/2013 7:53PM
Sorry, but
Sorry , Angela but the show puts me to sleep. Spud was so entertaining and thought provoking. Your show is just lifeless. I'm sure you are a wonderful person, but just can't fill spuds shoes.
11/25/2013 3:39PM
Angela is so BORING. Put Tommy Tucker or Scott on PLEASE!
12/23/2013 11:07AM
My Honest Opinion...
The show lacks enthusiasm and energy. I'm sure that this is something that can be fixed, but that's my take on it.
12/29/2013 1:12PM
I miss spud. :(
Angela is nice, but sounds like npr. I can listen to public radio on public radio. Spud is spunky and down to earth. I admire his passion and sense of humor.
05/15/2014 5:34PM
The show is lifeless and boring. Spud was much better. I'm not listening to wwl while Angela is on unless I want to go to sleep. Bring spud back please!!
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