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Posted: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 10:55PM

A stunned community grieves for Ahlittia North

It was an unspeakable murder that brought grief and tears to residents across the Metro area. 

Tuesday evening, hundreds of local residents showed up for a memorial and vigial for murdered six-year-old Ahlittia North at the site where she was found in Harvey.  

A huge pile of teddy bears, stuffed animals, balloons, dolls, and signs were deposited on a grassy area next to where the little girl's body was found.

The police tape was gone, but orange rectangles marked the spot where police found the trash bins containing her remains.

One of those in attendance was Westwego Councilman Glen Green, the President of the Louisiana Municipal Black Caucus.  

Green said his heart was heavy, but he was looking to a higher power for support.

"The will of God has to be done, and his will is perfect will," "All of this is going to cause something good to happen.  Bad as this is, something good is going to come out of this."

Another man stood at the back of the crowd, slowly shaking his head as he talked about the senseless murder.
"I just feel like part of me is missing right now, about this little girl being hurt like this, and I'm just glad the community is out here supporting it," he said.

Many in attendance brought candles. One woman was among a group of ladies holding pink flowers.

"We can pull together as a community, as one, and stand side by side for justice," she said. "And justice will be served on this...He's going to get found, he will get found, and just like we're out here right now, and he's out there...I know he's listening, and I know he's watching, we're gonna be there when they get him."  

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