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Posted: Tuesday, 29 July 2014 7:23AM

A new way to take out the trash

New garbage trucks will be roaming the streets of Jefferson parish starting today.These new vehicles eliminate the need have crews of trash collectors running around the street and lifting garbage cans.

The new trucks have machinery that does almost all the grabbing, lifting, and dumping:
"Up until this point, we've been using the semi-automated trucks," said Marnie Winter, director of Environmental Affairs for Jefferson Parish. Those trucks required a crew of about three -- a driver and two others to gab cans off the curb and line them up for the mechanism that lifted the cans up to the back of the truck.
"They're starting to debut the fully-automated (trucks) and see which areas of the parish these may work in," said Winter.

The test run, in parts of Metairie and the Westbank, is to get the drivers of the trucks familiar with using the equipment -- and to get homeowners accustomed to placing their bins on the curb the right way.
"The way that the cart should be placed is at the curb, with the arrow on the lid of the cart pointing toward the street and away from your house," Winter explained.
Winter said the parish expects there will be a bit of a learning curve for both truck operators and homeowners, and if the truck can't get the job done automatically, drivers are prepared to go do it the old-fashioned way if necessary.

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