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2012 Saints: Junior Galette

Defensive end Junior Galette was an undrafted free agent in 2010, and the Saints picked him up during training camp that season. He became a fan favorite during the preseason and really solidified his place on the 53 man roster.

He did not see much playing time in his first year, but last season Galette began to see the field on a consistent basis.

In 2011, Galette played in every one of the Saints' games, and racked up 4.5 sacks with 18 tackles (10 solo & 8 assisted) in his first full year in the NFL. He was mostly utilized as a third down pass rusher, and did very well in that role.

Galette may in fact be the best pure pass rusher on the team. Will Smith seems to be losing a step, and Cam Jordan showed he is very good at stopping the run, but tallied just one sack.

Galette, on the other hand, seems to get near the opposing QB every time he is on the field.

As far as a typical NFL defensive end goes, he is pretty undersized. Galette stands at 6'2" and 258 pounds, which is relatively small when discussing a professional defensive lineman.

How does he do it then?  Galette uses his speed to get by pass blockers, and to the quarterback. This is his greatest strength and a big part as to why he is still with the Saints.

The negative part of Galette's game right now is that he does not do very well against the run.

He has difficulty shedding blockers and making tackles. As a smaller defensive end, it is also tough for Galette to keep containment and push the runners back inside.

That is the ONLY thing keeping Galette from being a starter.  We will have to wait and see if his game can change at all with the addition of new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

Coach Spags loves getting pressure from his four down lineman, and I could see Galette really thrive in his system.

Since Spagnuolo expects so much from his D-line, that the Saints will need to have good depth and a solid rotation to keep guys healthy and fresh.

I could see Galette earning more playing time this coming season, but I would highly doubt he can take over a starting role on the team.

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02/20/2012 8:12AM
2012 Saints: Junior Galette
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02/21/2012 6:52PM
I couldnt agree more. We need to keep Gallet in the rotation and especially 3rd down passing situations, and hope he can get better at defending the run and shedding blocks. He was a great pickup for the money, and from what I hear he works very hard at getting better. I feel Will Smith had it on auto pilot at times this year and was trying to preserve himself. We need a break out Dlineman and who can blast off the ball and really get to the QB. I really hope they address this in the draft and/or free agency. David B.
02/24/2012 3:57PM
Not sure we're going to see much activity from the Saints in terms of bringing in new free-agents this year. If they manage to get Brees re-signed without using the franchise tag on him, I expect them to use it on Nicks. Honestly I see that as the best case scenario. If they're forced to use the tag on Brees, though I don't see why they don't just pay him what he deserves, then they'll have to reward Carl Nicks with a pretty substantial contract. He's already stated he wants and expects a bigger contract than the Saints gave Jahri Evans. Then they might be able to try and negotiate with Marques Colston, but even if they do I don't think he'll be back with the team next season. He wants a big contract, and frankly he deserves it, but I don't see how the Saints can give it to him. Brees and Nicks are more valuable to the team, and taking care of those guys first is what's best for the organization. Losing Colston would probably hurt us, though I'm not really sure how badly, but losing Carl Nicks, who is the 2nd best, arguable THE best, Offensive Guard in the NFL, would severely damage the offense. After the loss to St. Louis, the O-line truly came together and gelled. That was, towards the end, the best run blocking I've seen from the Saints under Sean Payton. I think they could of been better in pass protection, especially in the playoff loss to San Francisco, but that defense played out of their minds in that game. But we absolutely cannot afford to lose Carl Nicks, he cannot be replaced. You just don't find All-Pro offensive linemen very often. When you get them you gotta hang on to em. We can afford to lose Colston. Though it may hurt the offense for a while, he can be replaced and I'd actually be excited to see what Adrian Arrington could do with drastically increased playing time. Give him substantial time in all 16 games, and I think he could contribute enough that the loss of Colston wouldn't be felt too keenly.
02/24/2012 3:58PM
Still Bitter!!
Honestly though, looking back, I think the Saints were the best team in the league by the end of the season, and the way they came back and fought tooth and nail to take the lead on what should of been a game winning TD by Jimmy Graham... I'm real proud of em. Look at all the factors. A road game on the west coast. Against a team with rich history, an extremely proud fan base, hosting a playoff game for the first time in 9 years. You spot them 17 points, turn the ball over 5 times, one of those turnovers on the Niners 2 yard line. We are denied 5 opportunities to score, taking away Lord knows how many points. The defense is on the field for Lord knows how many extra plays, giving San Francisco so many more chances and opportunities to put points on the board. It's the #4 defense in the NFL, coming off a bye week that gave them rest and Jim Harbaugh admitted to the entire world that they were preparing for us before they even knew for certain that we would even be playing them. We are down our #2 receiver in Lance Moore, one of Drew Brees favorite targets, a guy with 8 TDs and a legitimate threat from anywhere, who had a hamstring injury and did not play. We lose our starting running back, a hard-nose, tough, gusty back who never shies away from contact and is willing to run straight up the middle into the teeth of a defense, in Pierre Thomas. A guy who always runs hard, he'd just come off a truly IMPRESSIVE performance against the Lions in the Wild Card round. A guy who's the Saints best pass catching running back, and the biggest and most important aspect in the screen-game. The Saints are one of the best teams with the RB screen, and his loss effectively eliminated it for all intents and purposes. And even after all that, as horribly as that game went in terms of turnovers and missed opportunities, our New Orleans Saints still put up 32 points against the 4th rated defense who happened to be, like I said, playing out of their minds with effort and intensity, giving it every thing they had. Coming from 17 down, clawing and fighting their way back, after losing FIVE possessions, and with our record breaking offense, that is honestly and truly 5 potential TOUCHDOWNS and 35 potential points. THIRTY-FIVE. Still, they are undaunted, they come out as confident and as professional and as determined as ever, and they take the lead for the first time all game with just over 4 minutes to go. And after dominating the 49ers for the 2nd quarter on, to get the go ahead TD, and then convert the 2-point conversion to put the score at 25-22, that game felt like it was over and won. It seemed as if the Saints had come back and put a strangle-hold on it, that the 49ers had given it their best shot but it just wasn't enough. But then the Niners score a TD on a truly gut-wrenching play to take the lead with just over 2 minutes to go. The score is 29-25, and the only hope for the Saints is a Touchdown. Are they discouraged? Do they doubt themselves? Do they question their ability to win the game, after giving away 5 possessions, 13 or 16 points, so much minutes and so many added opportunities to their opponent? NO! They come right back, line up with a calm and a poise, a professionalism and a belief that I did not see displayed by Any Other Team in Any Other Game I watched, even the Giants. They bounce right back, with the game on the line, and take the lead again with another Touchdown on a truly awesome play by the MAN Drew Brees and young stud Jimmy Graham. A HUGE play, a 60 yard Touchdown, to silence the crowd and a team that had to have been just soaring with confidence, to put a knife in a defense that had been elite all year long and had forced 5 turnovers and still surrendered 30 points. Oh, the effort by our team was awe-inspiring! Thinking of how hard they fought, how they put it all on the line.. It brings tears to my eyes! This was the best offense in NFL history! Had they been as good as they were at the end in the first 5 games of the season, they would of SHATTERED the Patriots record for points in a season like they shattered the record of yards! It's over and done with, we look on to next year now, but man oh man, how Gregg Williams let us down. Is there ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER, that had they won that game like they should have, that they would of beaten the New York Giants in the Superdome for the NFC championship, gone on to play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, and WON? Is there any doubt that our Saints would have been favored against ANY team out of the AFC in the Super Bowl? No and no and no. I am so sorry Who Dat Nation, to bring up such an excruciatingly painful memory that we may never get over even WHEN we win the Super Bowl in the Super Dome next year, but that team was SO GOOD! We should be going for a repeat this year! If we had even an average defense.... Bahhh. It didn't happen. We suffered the most painful loss I've ever experienced, even after LSU lost the BCS. On to next year. I'm rooting for our Saints to handle their business this off-season, come out with their confidence at an all-time high under Sean Payton and Steven Spagnuolo, feeling like they are the best football team in the NFL, and I'M CALLING FOR AN UNDEFEATED SEASON!!!! Oh yeah, I know its way too early, but I don't care! Because I believe! They can do it! Brees will lead them and they will avenge these last 2 years of agonizing playoff losses by beating down every single team they play and going 19-0 for a PERFECT SEASON and a Super Dome Super Bowl!!! They Will!!! They'll do it! B.E.L.I.E.V.E. 2012 PERFECTION! Saints 19-0 Super Dome Super Bowl!! B.E.L.I.E.V.E.
03/01/2012 1:17PM
Could he be converted to a linebacker? Too strong of a motor to keep him on the side line
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