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Posted: Tuesday, 03 September 2013 1:58PM

''Live shooter'' drill tonight in Kenner

Cops say don't be alarmed by police and other responders surrounding the Mall in Kenner tonight.

"The Kenner Police Department partnered with the Esplanade Mall is sponsoring a Full Scale Active Shooter Exercise at the Esplanade Mall," Sergeant Brian McGregor said in a news release. 

He advised that the drill will begin after the mall is closed.
"There may be loud noises such as simulated gunfire, sirens, and screaming heard in the area," McGregor said.  "This is just a training exercise.  There will be a number of emergency response vehicles in the area."

He says they will be testing their ability to respond to a shooter on the loose in the mall.

"The expected outcome of the exercise is to successfully integrate a multi-agency response to such an event and to strengthen interagency coordination."

The following agencies and organizations will participate in the exercise:

-City of Kenner Police Department
-Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
-Louisiana State Police
-Federal Bureau of Investigations
-East Jefferson General Hospital Emergency Medical Services
-City of Kenner Fire Department
-City of Kenner Office of Emergency Management
-G4S Security
-Esplanade Mall (Retail participant)
-Target (Retail participant)
-The Renegades (for crisis & emergency scenario enactment)

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