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Posts from August 2014

T-Bob: LSU keys to victory
Happy LSU Gameday, Tigers fans!  Tonight’s matchup is juicy enough to satiate even the most ravenous of college football fan.  Two of the most dominant teams of the recent era will square off in a battle for geographical, conference, and schoolwide pride.  The matchups remind me of an ancient battle where two dominant groups of people run into each other and decide to fight it out.  

Wisconsin plays the role of invaders in this story as they appear on the horizon deep in southern territory - LSU quickly recognizes that these strangers are an impressive lot.  They have the martial bearing of ones who are used to winning.  Physically they resemble giants, but there is one group in particular that stands larger than the rest.  These “offensive linemen” are said to be the key behind the Badgers' attack. The tension hangs thick in the air as the two sides stare one another down, each trying to asses the size of their enemy’s army.  

LSU had enjoyed the most recent peacetime and found themselves with a healthy mixture of veterans from past campaigns and fresh-faced yet eager rookies. Wisconsin’s towering linemen prowled the front lines, yet there was one warrior who outshone even these hulking goliaths… his name was Melvin Gordon of the Doak Walker tribe.  Even this far south, the soldiers from Baton Rouge know of Gordon’s exploits.  He moved with a grace that was unexpected of one his size.  His gait seemed to invoke a predator searching for its next victim.  The Tiger Nation can take heart, however, for they too have a champion to bring to the field.  

Leonard Fournette is the one the prophecies spoke of.  All the Scriers agree that he is the one that shall lead LSU back to the Promised Land.  To underestimate Fournette because of his youth would seem to be a grave mistake. The more cynical among us, however, may hold back from crowning the young RB before he has accomplished deeds in the field.  The Sun slipped out of view as the two sides advanced towards on another.  It is unclear as to who has the advantage yet there is one certain truth… Before the sun rises one team will stand victorious with blood on their jerseys and songs filling their hearts while the losing side limps home shamed and beaten!
Keys to LSU Victory
The Tigers offensive line MUST take advantage of the Badgers' inexperience in the front seven. Out of 11 starters from last season, only 3 three have returned and they are all part of the defensive backfield. LSU is 40-4 when they have at least one 'back break the century mark. LT La’el Collins is the most experienced and the anchor of the line with 25 starts (13 LG, 12 LT)

LSU's defense, the interior defensive linemen in particular, must stand up against the Wisconsin rushing attack. Over the past 3 seasons, Wisconsin is 3rd in the country for yards-per-carry with an average of 5.7, 4th in the country in rushing TDs with 121, and 7th in the country in overall rushing, averaging 251.1 yards per game. If you filter to only include teams from the power five conferences, only GA Tech and Oregon have higher yards per carry and more rushing TDs. Christian Lacatoure, Frank Herron, Greg Gilmore, Devon Godchaux, Quinten Thomas, and Mickey Johnson must step up
Keys to Wisconsin Victory
Run the ball, run the ball, and oh yeah… run the ball! Wisconsin is lucky to return 4 of 5 starters from an offensive line that helped set school records for total offense (480 yards per game), rushing yards (3,689) and yards per carry (6.62.) The four returning starters have combined for 75 total starts.

Wisconsin had six games last season in which the Badgers had multiple one hundred yard rushers - 3 games in which they had 3 different ones - and last year became the first team to have a pair of 1400 yard rushers. Additionally, the Badgers have featured 1,000 yard rushers in 19 out of the last 21 seasons, including 9 in a row - this is the longest active streak in the nation.

The secondary must make plays against the inexperienced QB/WRs from LSU. Both starting cornerbacks return along with their strong safety. Junior Darius Hillary started all 13 games last season, but sophomore Sojourn Shelton is the guy to watch out for. He had 12 starts as a true freshman and led the team with 4 interceptions, good enough for 3rd in the country among freshman. Junior safety Michael Caputo started 12 games and was 2nd on the team with 63 tackles.
The Streak is Once Again on the Line!
LSU has won 45 regular season games against non-conference opponents dating back to 2002. This is 1st in the country for active streaks and also an FBS record. Kansas State used to hold the record with 39 games in a row. Les Miles alone is 35-0 in these games.

Of course, Wisconsin has also been dominant in these games, and has won 35 in a row. This ranks 4th all time and 2nd to LSU as far as active streaks go. During LSU’s streak of 45, Wisconsin is 43-3.

Either way, one team’s streak is coming to an end. Who will it be?
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T-Bob: Planning will go out the window when LSU meets Wisconsin
It is finally LSU game week, which means that Tiger fans everywhere have entered a time-slow as they watch the final hours leading up to kick-off slowly crawl by.  During these seventy minute hours, one might find his or herself more pensive than usual as they attempt to pass the time.  It just so happened that one of my favorite ways to pass the time is listening to podcasts, and there is one that stands above the rest.

The podcast I speak of is Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Hardcore History is a show that is hard to describe. Often, when trying to tell people about it, I don't do the show justice with my explanation, but I will try. Hardcore History is like listening to a book on tape about all the most fascinating things you can imagine before remembering that everything you just heard is actual proven history… that’s when you end up just plain shocked.
These are some of the most horrifyingly fascinating stories I have ever heard. The most recent Hardcore History has chronicled WWI and the insanity on display during that time.  You need to drop what you are doing in order to go listen and marvel at what humans can accomplish, both moral and immoral.  One of the main themes of WWI was the clashing of two different eras and the chaos created as a result. There are all kinds of new insane military technology at this time (early 20th century) and no one quite knows what will happen when the new tech is actually put into live combat.

What the military leaders seem to find time and time again was that theories didn’t always hold up on the actual battlefield, and the resulting loss of human life is astounding. Prussian General Helmuth Von Mulka The Elder (Whose son was in control of the German army at the outbreak of WWI) has a quote that the generals could have learned from - “no plan survives contact with the enemy.”  This quote is appropriate as LSU prepares to have their own theories and plans put to the test come Saturday.  

Obviously, I am in no way comparing a game as trivial as football to the rigors of a real life war. This quote is merely the inspiration behind this other thought about LSU.

Football is such an odd game because 99.9% of the time, it is simply not that much fun. Players and coaches essentially spend around 350 days working for 12 or 13 days of incredible emotion and competition.  The reason you run twenty-six 110 yard sprints in 100+ degree weather is for the payoff that you experience on gameday. Schools have entire states full of millions of people who NEED their school to win.  Because of the college football ranking system, just one or two losses can be enough to derail any hopes you have of accomplishing your goals.  All these different factors add up to create some very high stakes that can bring you to the highest of emotional peaks or plunge you to the lowest of valleys.  

The hundreds of hours practicing, watching film, and working out are funneled into just 60 minutes that could potentially decide the fate of your entire season. The first game of the season is one of the most intense if you have a quality opponent. That opening matchup is the one in which you will have the least amount of information on the opponent. There will be many new players, strategies, and sometimes coaches that were not at the program the previous year.  

To counter that, you watch as much film as you can and attempt to predict what the opponent will do, and where you can take advantage of their weakness.  The only problem is that sometimes these weaknesses may not be weaknesses at all, and suddenly the advantage you predicted you would have is gone and you find yourself on the defensive. Therefore, the ability to make and install changes quickly is one of the main keys to victory.

Whether or not LSU wins the game Saturday, it won't be because their initial plans succeed - instead it's about how they identify, comprehend, and counter adversity.  There is a reason behind players coming off the sideline and, instead of watching the game, meeting with their coach while furiously scribbling on a white board.  That is because they are trying to figure out exactly what the other team is doing and what adjustments need to be made.

There could be a call or a situation that you have drilled into your head for months, yet suddenly, something completely different is required of you in that same situation. One other interesting wrinkle to think about is the fact that this whole opening game experience is intensified if it is your first game ever starting.  There is a big difference between getting it done on the practice field and being able to perform when the game is on the line.  The speed at which players move and the quickness with which decisions are made increase on game day and when all these factors swirl together to become a cacophonous maelstrom of noise and violence some players wilt… yet some players thrive.

LSU head coach Les Miles figures to play four to six freshmen in Saturday’s game… how these young players respond could mean the difference between a win and a loss. 
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T-Bob: Light at the end of the Saints camp tunnel
We have now been in Lewisburg, West Virginia for twenty days, and while I have had some good times along the way, that is far too long of a time to spend away from the city and the woman that I love. I find myself anxiously awaiting our return to New Orleans on Thursday.  

Although I am approximately 48 hours away from touching down back in the best city in the country, everyone I am expressing my excitement to warns me of heat and humidity.  At this point, I welcome the heat and humidity if only to awake me from this listless waking slumber that has consumed me wholly.  

I miss the sights and sounds of the city.  I miss Stein’s, I miss District Donuts, and I miss Crescent City Comics. I miss my bed and I miss my cat. Yes, my sweet, beautiful, obese feline companion. Also, when I left twenty days ago, I had to move all of my things into storage in preparation for my move to Mid-City, which means when I get back I will have to get straight to moving. Normally I would dread that, but I now welcome it with open arms and am giddy with excitement to explore a new part of the city.  Until that moment, however, I will continue to talk football!  

Saints guard Jared Weaver has continued to build steam, as he played well in the first game and will look to build upon that first performance this Friday when the Black and Gold welcome the Titans into the Superdome. Weaver’s story is one mixed with sadness and triumph, and is deserving of its own entry into this blog series which he should have sometime next week.  

Suffice it to say that if the New Orleans native would make this team it would be a dream come true - but he will have his work cut out for him.  The Saints are in the enviable position of almost having too many guys who can play. Even without their two Pro Bowl guards against one of the best defensive lines in the league, the offensive line did not give up a sack and averaged over five yards per carry.

This was due in large part to the performances of three of their bubble players, which includes Weaver, Senio Kelemete, and Marcel Jones. When you start to break down the numbers, there is maybe only one spot available between the three players, and perhaps not even that depending on how the Goodwin/Lelito situation plays out.  

There are a few things I am excited about when it comes to Friday; the Saints will be playing at the Dome, and as a Tigers fan it will be great to see Zach Mettenberger return to South Louisiana.  Mett’s first outing was solid as he led the Titans on a game-winning drive in a torrential downpour. Mett seems as if he is off to a good start, as the Titans have already cut former Ark QB Tyler Wilson and now just Charlie Whitehurst and Jake Locker remain.  I expect Locker to start the season, but if he catches another big injury do not be surprised if Mettenberger is suddenly starting on Sundays. Until tomorrow my friends, be kind and rewind.
PS Can’t wait for episode number two of Hard Knocks tonight.  Some Hard Knocks veterans I have talked to said that they think his is the most boring one yet however I have never actually watched the show before and I am thoroughly interested.  Plus, after Week 1 of the preseason it seems as if Atlanta will once again be tha Saints biggest competition in the South.  CHOOOO CHOOO that’s the sound of the week one hype train.

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T-Bob: Linemen come up big in Saints win over Rams
The Saints beat the St. Louis Rams 26-24 in a hard fought, back-and-forth game that saw the Rams miss a 59 yard field goal as time expired.  There was plenty to be pleased with for members of the Who Dat Nation, not the least of which was the excellent depth displayed in the trenches on both sides of the line.  

The Saints rushing woes were well documented last season, and while I would say that we should not read too much into just one pre-season game, that is no reason to completely dismiss the success that was had tonight.  The offensive line had an excellent night as the team ran for 123 yards on 24 carries which is good for a 5.1 yards per carry average.  

Also, the Saints did not allow a single sack against a team that was third in the NFL with 53.0 last year. This stellar showing from the big men up front is made even more impressive when you consider the fact that both Pro Bowl guards, Ben Grubbs and Jahri Evans, sat out forcing Senio Kelemete, Jared Weaver, and Marcel Jones into additional reps.  

Without the benefit of recording the game and watching the film it is hard to say exactly who played the best, but the box score speaks of an offensive line that was dominant and did not miss a beat, no matter who was in the lineup.  The Saints were excellent at the point of attack and there were multiple times tonight where the O-line was not just winning with stalemates but rather by driving the guy lined up across from them two or three yards back. This was but a mere taste… a teaser if you will… it definitely has me excited to see the rest of the show!
Notable Names:

-     Tyrunn Walker DT    Walker is from New Iberia and went to Tulsa, and once again it seems as if the Saints have an uncanny ability to find diamonds in the rough.  Tyrunn has been a standout thus far in camp, and he translated that momentum into dominant in game success.  Walker was tied for first on the team with 6 tackles 5 of which were solo including 1 sack and 3 tackles for loss… wow… great start for the Big Man from the Berry.

-     Mark Ingram RB  The former 1st round pick looked to pick up where he left off in 2013 and was running confidently and downhill. He displayed improved vision and perhaps most impressively ran over a few guys and broke a few tackles.  In other words, he looked like the back that once won the Heisman trophy.  His final stat line of 8 carries for 83 yards and a TD is a great start to his 2014 campaign and hopefully it will give him more confidence moving forward.
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T-Bob: Jobs are on the line Friday in Saints-Rams game
As I sit down to write this daily blog, I am struggling for an interesting angle to take. Not much happened today beyond your normal practice. On the offensive line, the only difference was former Nebraska Cornhusker Marcel Jones got some time with the ones at RG in place of the injured Jahri Evans.  

I know it is camp time because everything is starting to feel the same. That is why I am so happy/excited/relieved that the Saints will finally get to strap it up against another team come Friday. We have been watching the same battles each and every day, and while that remains entertaining to a point, there is a limit to that enjoyment. Preseason games are great because that is where jobs are truly won or lost.  
There are plenty of great position battles to keep on eye on Friday, not the least of which is Luke McCown vs Ryan Griffin as they fight it out to see who will earn the right to back up Drew Brees. While the battle for the interior offensive line positions may not be the most exciting to some, I find myself almost giddy, because due to the injuries to Evans and Grubbs, we should get to see Lelito, Goodwin, Kelemete, Weaver, and Jones all in extended game speed action as those five fight for the three spots that will most likely be handed out.  

Another huge position of interest to keep an eye on is WR. First year WR Brandon Coleman was rated the best undrafted player by many “experts,” but I would argue that fellow rookies Seantavius Jones and Charles Hawkins have both looked better up to this point. In Coleman’s defense, though, he has continued to improve at a rapid pace and his natural size and athleticism goes a long way towards wanting to keep him around.  If Colston, Stills, and Cooks are all on the team, who snags the other roster spots?  Meachem, Toon (who is having an excellent camp), Tanner, and the aforementioned rookies will all be fighting for those coveted spots on the fifty three.  All of these jobs will not be won on the practice field, but in these next four games.  Friday can not come fast enough. 
Tomorrow the Saints are off so I expect my blog will be Tiger-focused as LSU has gotten their own training camp underway this week. 
PS Going to see Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D tonight and I CANNOT WAIT!  I was always going to see this movie as I see almost every Marvel movie, but now that I know its got a 90%+ rotten tomatoes rating I’m all in.  Plus Chris Pratt is a cutie.
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T-Bob: Losing focus is a dangerous trap at Saints camp
The West Virginia adventures continue as the Saints are starting to enter the time in camp that resembles "Groundhog Day."  The grind of camp is kicking in; it has now been almost two straight weeks of practicing against the same people, hitting the same people, fighting the same people, and talking trash to the same people every single day. It is about this time when you fall so deep into the routine, that if you let your guard down complacency can sneak up on you. Much like Old Man Willow in the Old Forest near the Shire, the routine can lull you into feeling comfortable - and this comfortability is your demise!  

It is so easy at this point during camp to focus on just getting the work done and looking forward to going home so you don’t have to work - this is a dangerous trap for guys making the team. In reality, now is the time where camp heats up and the pressure starts to intensify. Very soon here, cuts will be made, and by the end, about half of the guys working their butts off right now will be without a job. In truth, everything up to this point hasn’t really mattered except for positioning yourself for more or less reps in this first preseason game. Tis now time for the men on the bubble to double down and give absolutely everything they have got to ear a spot on this team.  

This is also the time of camp where nagging injuries start to pile up. Thankfully for Saints fans, the reasons players are sitting out are not serious (at least not from what we know,) and I imagine that most of the guys will still be ready to go.

I am always watching the offensive line, and these last couple days have been more interesting than usual, as there has been a plethora of different combinations that the coaches have been trying out.  Tim Lelito has worked center, left guard, and right guard, showing some of the versatility that helped him to make the team last season. Perhaps more interestingly, we got our first look at Jonathan Goodwin at guard yesterday when he was taking reps on Lelito’s left in place of the injured Ben Grubbs. Who played center with the second team, you ask?  

None other than my boy Senio Kelemete.  Senio is a guy that I was high on during OTAs, and he has been solid if not great during camp.  You could tell that he wasn’t as polished at the center position, and there was one fumbled snap, but overall I was impressed with his ability to plug in and play. The one constant throughout all this shuffling is that it is always some combination of those three guys that the Saints are using.  That leads me to believe that they probably want to keep two of them possibly three with a practice squad spot.  

Today got even more interesting as Jahri Evans also sat out, which meant that Goodwin was back rotating first and second team center with Tim Lelito while Kelemete found himself back with the ones at left guard.  The new guy on the block was Jason Weaver. Weaver is 6’5 305 and it is his second year out of Southern Miss. The interesting part was that Weaver was taking reps with the first team and then the third team, which you rarely see.  Even with Weaver entering the mix, I still think, at this point in time at least, it is the other three who have the highest chance of finding themselves on the roster come week one. 
P.S.  Had a wonderful day off on Sunday where I fought off my violent hangover with a rousing session of skeet shooting!  One of my best friends from high school, his fiancée, and her family come up to the Greenbrier every year at this time! How fortuitous. Gotta say though… This camp life is packin on the pounds. Also, I only beat the girl by one shot. I know. I have shamed my family -_-

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T-Bob: 2014 LSU squad has many questions, but much to hope for
Can you feel it comin' in the air tonight?  That’s right, Phil Collins, I too am super excited for the opening of LSU camp later tonight, as it marks the beginning of what should be one of the more unpredictable seasons in recent memory.  

The 2014 LSU squad is a team full of talent, but also a team full of questions. In 2013 the LSU offensive attack reached record-breaking heights, as they became the first-ever SEC team to have a 3000-yard passer, two 1000-yard receivers, and a 1,000-yard rusher. That is awesome!

What's not awesome for Tiger fans is the fact that every single one of those players are now in the NFL. QB Zach Mettenberger is with the Titans, Jeremy Hill is in Cincy, Jarvis Landry is kickin it in South Beach, and ODBIII is takin' a bite outta the Big Apple. So who will replace these former Tiger greats?  

Running back seems the most stable by far, as you have senior Terrence Magee returning after an under-appreciated year that saw him average an incredible 7.3 yards per carry and score 8 TDs. What’s that? There’s another running back as well?  LSU managed to snag the number one recruit in the entire nation when Leonard Fournette chose to make the hour drive from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and take his talents to Tiger stadium.  Fournette is being hailed as pretty much everything but the messiah, and if early reports are to be believed, he lives up to the hype. Only time will tell.

Although Hill is gone, the backfield seems set. Replacing Landry and Beckham may be a bit tougher, but once again, a big name recruit may be the key to the Tiger’s success. While Fournette was the number one recruit in the nation, incoming freshman Malachi Dupre was the number one receiver in the nation. Dupre will be joined by fellow highly-touted recruit Trey Quinn, and these two will be joining Travin Dural, Quantavis Leslie, and John Diarse as they try to compete to be the signal caller’s number one option.  

Who is that signal caller? That’s probably the biggest question mark on this entire team, as the job for starting quarterback is a dead heat between sophomore Anthony Jennings and incoming freshman Brandon Harris (noticing a trend here?) LSU fans got to see Jennings in limited action last season against Arkansas and Iowa in the Bowl game, while the only opportunity to get eyes on Harris was during this year’s spring game. Harris did look better in intersquad scrimmage.  

The saving grace to all these question marks is the fact that you have 4 of 5 returning starters on the offensive line, and two veterans competing for the last opening at RG. A talented offensive line can go a long way towards masking deficiencies, and that is going to be critical, especially at the beginning of the season when these freshmen are first getting their feet wet.  

Even with all these questions, the first Coaches Poll released last week had LSU ranked 13th in the nation. I am of the opinion that this may be a bit generous, but it is a testament to the program and the ability of strength coach Tommy Moffitt to get guys ready to play at a young age.  The next few weeks are going to be critical as the Tigers are to be tested immediately when they square off against 14th-ranked Wisconsin in the Advocare Texas Kickoff at Reliant Stadium in Houston.  

Perhaps you are nervous going into such a big game without knowing who the quarterback is? Here is LSU’s Head Coach Les Miles take on the situation: “It’s going to be that time in the game where you have the opportunity to extend a play, and make a play, and therein itself  - interpretation at one point in time will be, in my opinion, the criteria by which you’ll pick the starter.”
Perhaps if you can decipher the clues and channel your inner Nicolas Cage you can glean some valuable information from this odd quote about who will be LSU’s national treasure (am I trying too hard? I might be) but needless to say, I cannot wait for the college football season to get underway. I’m sure it will be filled with enough peaks and valleys to put every Tiger fan in the hospital. 
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T-Bob: Plenty of standout performances in Saints scrimmage
Yesterday I predicted that today would be a good day and what a day it was!  I’m not sure if I am some sort of sports-seer, but today’s "Black & Gold Scrimmage" was everything I predicted and then some.  

I didn’t expect a few of the occurrences that took place on this gray Saturday morning in the mountains. The first pleasant surprise of the day was the amount of fan interest.  When I tell you there was nary a seat left in all the bleachers at the Greenbrier, I am not exaggerating.  The place was PACKED to the point where there were fans actually sitting on the hill beside the bleachers just to get a far view of the action.  The Who Dat Nation truly is national, as people came from all over - not just New Orleans - to watch their beloved Saints. Once again, the wisdom of choosing the Greenbrier as a camp site was apparent, as it afforded fans who may not live in Louisiana anymore the perfect opportunity to hop in the car and come watch the team practice.  
The second unexpected surprise of the scrimmage was that there would be no Drew Brees. Instead, Ryan Griffin and Luke McCown would rotate with the ones and twos in competition for the back up quarterback job.  This makes sense, as to this point neither had exactly stood out, even though I would have given the early edge to Griffin.  If fans were afraid, however, that the back up quarterbacks would mean less scoring and less action, their fears were unfounded as both players drove the offense down the field to score each of the first three drives.  

My opinion on the race between the two backups remains the same, as I think that Griffin continues to slightly outshine McCown and is getting the ball out of his hands quicker and more consistently.  

The third and most surprising part of the scrimmage was Travaris Cadet.  So far this camp, Cadet has been good for a couple nice runs each practice, but today it seemed as if he did it in every facet of the game.  Whether he was taking a hand-off, catching a pass, or returning a kick, it did not matter; Cadet displayed great lateral quickness and agility along with EXCELLENT field vision, which helped as he cut back a simple zone run for a 25 yard touchdown.  I believe that Cadet had the best day by far out of the entire running back group.
The fourth biggest surprise of the day was, unsurprisingly, Brandin Cooks showing just how special his skill set truly is.  This man is an absolute beast.  The mixture of quickness and hands that he sports make him a threat from any where on the field and in any phase of the game.  No matter how he gets the ball in his hands, it seems as if A) he never drops it and B) the first man never makes the tackle.  He made impressive catch after impressive catch, and all of them came on different routes proving that he is not just a straight line burner, he is also versatile.  He took a simple out route to the house after putting on one of the most ankle shattering jukes I have seen.  Could not be more excited to see Cooks play this regular season.  

Jimmy Graham had himself a day, as did Marques Colston.  I know we have talked about how the passing game has the potential to be even MORE dominant this season but today was the first day where it really came into focus. This offense will be hard to stop.  With Graham, Cooks, and Colston, the entire field is a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses.  Who do you guard?  I do not envy the defensive coordinators whose jobs will be on the line as they try to figure out the best way to stop this offense.  
Any time you see an offense play as well as the Saints offense did today, it is safe to assume that the offensive line excelled and that was definitely the case.  I think in total the defense had three or four sacks, but the big men up front looked solid in both the run and pass phases of the game.  

That is all for today brothers and sisters!  Now Steve Geller, Kristian Garic, and myself will be heading to the local Irish pub for some drinks as I contemplate what size Brandin Cooks jersey I will need.
PS The reason I didn’t talk about the defense was two-fold.  First, I have a bit of an offensive bias as I can see the game better from the offensive perspective, and secondly, the defense didn’t look too good.  I am not worried as it is still early and there were still some bright spots on that field.  Junior Galette continued his improvement as he had one (arguably two) sacks on the day. and former CFL-er Marcus Ball built upon his already impressive camp resume by grabbing the only turnover of the day when he intercepted a Luke McCown pass and nearly took it all the way back for six. 
PPS Possibly the best moment of the day was when Jimmy Graham scored his TD and dunked on the goal post knowing the refs would throw the flag which prompted a round of good-hearted boos from the fans.  The refs had some fun with it however and it made for one of the more memorable parts of the scrimmage.
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T-Bob: Super pumped about Saints "Black & Gold Scrimmage"
Twas a dreary day featuring a dreary practice today at the Greenbrier. The sun was hidden behind a wall of gray the entire morning, giving the whole setting a bit more of a deadened feel. Today marked the first time where I wasn’t that excited to be able to watch practice, as it all just had a bit of a "Groundhog Day" of feel to it. That is not to say however that there weren’t some highlights!

Perhaps I am showing a bit of my offensive bias, because today was one of the better days for the defense, especially against the run. In fact, if you listen to "Sports Talk" I’m sure you’ll hear that the defense won about 75% of the snaps during inside run. This is a settling sign, as the Saints weren’t exactly a rushing powerhouse last year, and so far the defense has struggled to stop them.  
The half line drill saw more fights and more chippiness which I wish I could have seen in person, but being the slave to work that I am, I was finishing up the show down at Slammin Sammy’s. As far as ball security goes, there were a few issues on the offensive side of the ball. Tim Lelito and Drew Brees fumbled two quarterback-center exchanges, and while I am 130% sure that they were both the quarterback’s fault (as it is every time there is a fumbled snap,) there are those who would contend that it could have been either guy.  It is hard to know without the benefit of instant replay, or actually having Drew Brees’ hands touching your butt.  

Play of the day without a doubt goes to Pierre Warren AKA the Pink Panther AKA Wiz who continues to shine in this camp.  Joe Morgan caught a deep ball, and while he was running in the end zone, Warren hawked him down and managed to knock the ball out from behind on the ten yard line. Warren is putting together an impressive resume as he attempts to grab one of the coveted 53 spots available on this team.  

Other than that there was nothing too exciting, but I am super pumped for tomorrow’s "Black & Gold Scrimmage" which should have a bit more action than todays practice. So far the most exciting part of the last two days in my opinion was still the debut of "Sharknado 2: The Second One" on Syfy.  

Remember to tune in bright and early tomorrow, as we will be bringing you all of the scrimmaging action live on the Big Stick AKA the Flamethrower AKA “Can You Hear Me Now? Of course you can” because it’s the Big 870. 
PS. I went to Wal-Mart today - you know how they say to never go grocery shopping while you are hungry?  Well, I broke that golden rule and I have now consumed 6 Hot Pockets today.  I feel absolutely terrible and have already thrown away the rest. My friend also alerted me to the fact that a few months back Hot Pocket may or may not have gotten busted for knowingly using diseased meat in their boiling, portable sandwiches.  My question to him is, if they are using diseased meat why does it taste so good?
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