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Posts from June 2014

Angela: Mayor Landrieu gives some straight talk about neighborhood needs

He hit the ground running as he began his second term as Mayor of New Orleans, and now Mitch Landrieu can look back on his first four years with a sense of real accomplishment.

The city has hit it's post-Katrina stride. Tourism is flourishing, retail is rocking, and the entreprenuerial spirit is alive. According to every study, people are feeling good about the city. 

But Mayor Landrieu faces some real challenges, such as how to pay for two consent decrees and the firemens' pensions. How do we get more people interested in joining the police department? How do we resolve the ever-growing demands of citizen groups who want the streets fixed now, the street lights fixed now - and not years from now?

I was lucky to have Mayor Landrieu in studio today to answer some of these important questions.

"I'm thrilled to have been given a second opportunity to serve the City for the next four years. The problems that we had the last four years are very different from the problems we'll have in the next four," he said. "People of this city should be really proud of how far we've come... I think everyone really pulled together and we tried everything we could to get the city back." 

The Mayor is fresh off a trip to the Louisiana legislature in a push to help strengthen the city's finances and pay for those two consent decrees. How did it go? 

"There's not enough money for everything and you have to start making decisions about what goes first, what goes second. I went to the Legislature and said 'forgive our debt the way you asked President Obama to forgive yours.' The Legislature said 'no, thank you.'"

My final question to him was one that everyone else is asking: Are you thinking about running for Governor?

"No. I love being the Mayor of the City of New Orleans. When you're a politician, you never say never. Who knows what it's going to look like a year and a half from now, but I love the city with all my heart and soul." 

Take a listen to the interview by clicking the link below.

FULL AUDIO: Angela talks to Mayor Landrieu about the city's agenda

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