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Posts from March 2014

Angela: What happens to us when we die?
What happens when we die?  

That question is taking center stage as America experiences a spiritual revival.  But, how would nurses, hospice workers, counselors and psychologists who deal with dying patients answer that question?  

Dr. Marilyn Mendoza found out when she researched “deathbed visions.” In her fascinating book "We Do Not Die Alone: Jesus is Coming to Get me in a White Pickup Truck,” she talks about what people say and how they respond as they cross over to the other side.  

"What I wanted to do was investigate the impact of these deathbed visions on healthcare providers. A lot of work had been done on the impact on the families, but nobody had researched the impact it had on the medical staff," she told me.

The stories are beautiful. I had heard about near-death experiences, but what Dr. Mendoza told me about deathbed visions fascinated me. The story of her own mother's passing may make you re-think how we exit this world and enter the next. Truly unbelievable. Take a listen.

FULL AUDIO: Angela talks to Dr. Mendoza about deathbed visions
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Angela: How can we save money in this economy?
Everyone says to save money, but how?  Where do you start?  How can you save when you have very little left after paying your bills?  

If you live paycheck to paycheck, is there any way to start a savings?  Also, if you don't have a lot of money how can you invest?  What if you can't afford to pay advisors?  Can you do it yourself?  

Where can someone go to get advice?

Today we talked to Brad Fortier, a certified financial planner, and learned that there are no quick answers. In this video, he explains how the nature of saving and investing has changed in the last few decades, and reminds us that where there is crisis and uncertainty, there is also opportunity. 

FULL AUDIO: Angela talks to Brad Fortier about saving money

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Angela: Brash sex assaults should put us on high alert
There have been 11 sexual assaults reported in New Orleans over the past 2 weeks.

The assaults are happening all over. Uptown, in the French Quarter, the CBD and Bywater... authorities are investigating everything from a reported kidnapping & rape; rapes and sexual assaults; attempted rapes and burglaries… attempted armed robberies and sexual assaults have dominated headlines lately.

These are very frightening situations that are happening all times of day and night.  

What are NOPD and the city doing to protect residents coming and going to parking lots for work? Jogging or walking in their neighborhoods? Leaving restaurants in their favorite parts of town?  

What are NOPD and the city doing to protect tourists and tourism, which is the life blood of the Crescent City?  

Meanwhile what can women (and men!) do to protect themselves?  Today I had the pleasure of interviewing NOPD Commander of the Special Victims Unit, Lt. Melvin Gilbert; Deputy Chief Kirk Bouyelas, who oversees sex crimes; and Vin Chary, senior instructor at Street Smarts Krav Maga (self defense).

We had a fascinating conversation about this disturbing trend and I'm sure you'll want to take a listen.

FULL AUDIO: Angela talks to NOPD officers, self-defense experts about sexual assaults
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AUDIO: Angela with Saints & Pelicans President Dennis Lauscha
​How does a local boy who went to Jesuit and then Loyola University realize his dream and become the President of an NFL and NBA team and the right hand to one of the richest and most powerful men in sports and New Orleans?  

I sat down today for an hour-long talk with Dennis Lauscha, the President of the Saints and Pelicans organizations, a man who remains a mystery to some but a hero to all. I asked him what advice would he have for young dreamers today and I found his answer inspiring and enriching.

And of course, we talked about all of the Saints off-season moves with Jairus Bird, Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles, and more. It was great to get Dennis's perspectives, both for the team and for the family; how do you balance the love we all feel for individual players with what’s best for the future of the team? Take a listen to find out!

FULL AUDIO: Angela profiles Saints and Pelicans President Dennis Lauscha
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Angela: Frightening health trends in obese kids

I recently read an article in Time Magazine about childhood obesity. Frankly, this article was terrifying.

Most of us know that obesity in kids has tripled in the last 30 years. More and more children are being diagnosed not only with Type I diabetes, but Type II diabetes as well... which is ADULT onset.
That’s scary enough! But what’s even more frightening to learn is that obese children are aging faster and showing signs of diseases normally associated with adults... hypertension, heart disease and liver disease.
As the article said... this could be the first generation that will not live as long as their parents.
If you have a child, or are the aunt, uncle, or grandparent of a kid you think is overweight, and you feel he or she will just grow out if it... think again. An obese child is on a dangerous path and needs help.

FULL AUDIO: Angela talks childhood obesity with Dr. Melinda Southern of the LSU Health Sciences Center

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