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Posts from December 2013

Angela Hill: Louisiana not ready for job explosion
Louisiana is bracing for an explosion in jobs…69,000 jobs to be exact.  We’re talking jobs with a math and science background.  Are we prepared?

No, says Steven Waguespack, new head of the Louisiana Association of Business & Industry.  He just completed a statewide tour; talking with employers big and small and what he learned is discouraging at best.
Not only is there real concern for the future, what he heard from employers is that they’re having a tough time finding workers today…workers who will show up on time, know how to talk politely to customers and who can pass a drug test.
Our guests--Mr. Waguespack is with is Mike Mitternight, president of factory service agency and past president of LABI.  He has been a business leader for years.   Also, joining the discussion--Jill Garner, who has a non-profit company called “Manners of the Heart,” that teaches the soft skills needed in today’s working world.

Listen to podcast>>>
How did we get in this situation?  And, more importantly, how are we going to fix it?
Very Important conversation; join us, won’t you?
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Angela Hill: 'Tis NO Season of Buying for Shopaholics
Tis the season for giving…so many find themselves in the malls, shopping on line or hitting the fun shopping streets in the Quarter and on Magazine Street.

AUDIO: Terri Smith & Mary Lou McCall with Action Against Addiction, and shopaholic Marcel Leone

But, there is no season of buying for  a shopaholic.  They don’t wait till holidays, or birthdays or any special occasion.  Every day can be a shopping day.

A study five years ago by the Journal of Consumer Research says the number of compulsive shoppers is around 25 million Americans.  25 MILLION!

And it isn’t just women, if that’s what you were thinking.  In a study by Stanford…compulsive shoppers were equally split among men and women.

But, compulsive shopping or compulsive spending is real and  it can destroy lives.  It is now seen as an addiction like alcoholism, eating or drugs.  And like those addictions, help is available.

In our show on shopaholics we talked to a man who says he is a shopaholic and  two addiction specialists.

Do you feel your spending has gotten out of control or do you live with someone who you think is a compulsive shopper? 
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Angela Hill: Should non-profits lose tax exempt status?

Just like you or your family… the City of New Orleans can’t spend money it doesn’t have.
So we don’t get all our street lights fixed or our potholes filled.  We don’t have the number of police officers we should have.  And, we continue to have crumbling infrastructure.

AUDIO: Angela talks with Janet Howard of the Bureau of Governmental Research about property tax exemptions.


It’s about money… and not enough of it.  But, the city could have much more if everyone who owned property paid something.
There is at least a billion dollars in property, if not more, that pays nothing.  They are buildings owned by non-profits, who are exempt from paying property taxes.  Churches, universities, hospitals pay nothing, but use the same streets, the same police, the same sewer system. 
When fewer pay, those who do have to pay more, just to keep the basic level of services going.
We are a poor city.  We need more tax dollars and we need not to add taxes to those who already pay the bulk.  We need more entities on the property tax rolls.
The Bureau of Governmental Research did a study on non-profits and the impact of their tax-exempt status.   Their insights are eye-opening and sometimes jaw-dropping.  We’ll talk about it today at 1 o’clock.  Join us, won’t you? 
Today on Angela:  should non-profits lose their tax-exempt status?  If the city collected taxes on money earned and on property from universities, churches and other large institutions…maybe they could afford the 2 consent decrees, more police & infrastructure fixes?  We’ll talk to Janet Howard, President & CEO of BGR (Bureau of ‘Governmental Research).   PLUS:  “On the Front Porch”  - our focus today The French Quarter!   Our guests:  Meg Lousteau & Carol Allen with the Vieux Carre Property Owners/Residents Association and Coco Garret, President of French Quarter Citizens.  AND:  Do you know any shopaholics? It’s a powerful addiction and we have help for those afflicted.   Joining us—Terri Smith & Mary Lou McCall with Action  Against Addiction; and shopaholic Marcel Leone.

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Angela on death of Rodrigue
Famed Louisiana artist George Rodrigue, who found fame with his enigmatic "Blue Dog'' images, died over weekend in Houston after a long battle with cancer.

WWL's Angela Hill says his scenes of life in the Cajun country are also a part of his legacy.

"I think he put the best of Louisiana on canvas," Hill explained. "It's just like Paul Prudhomme did for food, I think George Rodrigue did that for art."

Listen to Angela:

George Rodrigue was 69 years old.
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Angela Hill: Celebrating Frank Davis

Say the name Frank Davis, and 9 out of 10 people in New Orleans will say…I LOVE him!  He’s been part of our community for more than four decades…first as a writer for Wildlife and Fisheries…then as host of “The Outdoors Show” on WWL radio (Thursday nights 6 to 8pm…and Saturday mornings 5 to 7am). 

Listen to podcast | Frank Davis Funeral Arrangements

After that Frank did something most broadcasters can’t imagine…he was a marathon man on radio…hosting “Weekend Live” Saturdays from 9am to 6pm…and Sundays from noon to 6pm.  It focused on OUTdoors—broadcasting live from fairs, festivals and fishing rodeos…bringing his “caravan of fun” to the people & community he loved.  It also focused on INdoors…with folks like Chef Paul Prudhomme, the original broadcast chef, cooking amazing Louisiana dishes LIVE on the radio…plus community causes and events…even theater. 

After feeling Frank’s larger than life personality through the radio TV came calling…that’s when Frank left WWL Radio for WWL-TV (still family)…and “Naturally Nawlins” was born…as well as his ever popular “Fish & Game Reports”…and cooking demonstrations by Frank & Mary Clare’s on WWL-TV’s Eyewitness Morning News. 

Frank Davis connected with people with his folksy style and his authentic New Orleans way.  He was the foodie, the cook, the fisherman, the hunter, the concerned citizen, the writer, the husband (to his beloved Mary Clare); father (to Amanda); and grandfather…the REAL New Orleanian.  And, the thread that ran through it all, Frank was a naturalist who knew the terrain and waterways of Louisiana like we know the inside of our homes.

Frank Davis was us…IS us…his legacy will forever be…his genuine love for New Orleans and her people.  Frank, we will always love you…as you loved us…abundantly.
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Angela Hill: Some Days You Just Live Right…

Some days you just live right.  On today’s show:  the FBI Special Agent In Charge…the actor…and the food critic.  I talked to Mike Anderson on the day our new U.S. Attorney Kenneth Allen Polite, Jr takes center stage…Bryan Batt as the world celebrates his latest movie—“12 Years A Slave”… and Tom Fitzmorris as the restaurant boom in New Orleans gets national attention.  3 fascinating men; 3 fascinating hours. 
Mike Anderson is head of the local office of the FBI.  His professional life has been fascinating. Both a lawyer and a CPA, he literally wrote the FBI’s public corruption field guide.  Years before he was named Special Agent In Charge here, he was aware of New Orleans history of public corruption, having worked  the investigation in the “operation wrinkled robe” case and  having supervised the  investigation of Congressman William Jefferson.  And now Mike Anderson is running an office in New Orleans that always seems to have its hands full.

Listen to podcast>>>
The next hour I get to talk to one of the most talented actors New Orleans ever hatched.
Bryan Batt went from being a child star at le Petit Theater to a Broadway star on the great white way.  From Broadway…it was hello Hollywood…where he captured a coveted roll on the hit TV series “Mad Men.”  And in between those great experiences the big screen called…most recently in the critically acclaimed movie “12 Years A Slave.”  And, somewhere in that fast, glamorous life Bryan and his partner opened a very successful business on Magazine Street.  So the question is...when did he find time to write two books…one a tribute to his much beloved mother.  Singer, dancer, actor, businessman, author…Bryan Batt is the whole package.

Listen to podcast>>>
And, in my final hour a man who has spent every week for the last 41 years writing about food.  If that isn’t enough, he has spent the last 25 years talking about food on radio.  Six days a week. 
I can’t wait to find out what Tom Fitzmorris does on his day off…cook?  Maybe.  Or maybe that’s when he writes the 16 restaurant guides, 4 cookbooks and memoir he‘s authored.  How did Tom Fitzmorris become such a food authority?  Maybe it started the day he was born…Mardi Gras.
So much to talk about, so little time…
Join me for 3 fascinating hours…with 3 fascinating men…won’t you…

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