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Posts from November 2013

Angela Hill: Open Book with Archbishop Gregory Aymond
He was born in Gentilly, the oldest of 3 children.  Little did he know then that he would become the Archbishop of New Orleans. 
Gregory Aymond become the 14th Archbishop of the Crescent City just over 4 years ago…home again after 8 years as bishop of Austin, Texas. 

We talk about his home--a city on a fast track not only to recovery, but reinvention.  Much of New Orleans’ rebirth is the product of faith, belief and Christianity.  After hurricane Katrina and the worst man-made disaster in the history of our nation, it was good neighbors, church groups and Christians from across America and around the globe, who rolled up their sleeves to help people in need.

Archbishop Aymond discusses his role as the leader of Catholics in our area, and about the changing landscape and consolidation of churches in Greater New Orleans.  We chat about his success bringing more seminarians to the church in Austin and his goals for additional priests and nuns here at home…. and, the role of Catholic education in our community. 

Together we explore the future of the Catholic Church under the gentle, yet bold direction of Pope Francis.  Archbishop Aymond shares insights into the Pope’s new mission statement—calling for reform of the Catholic Church and the papacy itself…to be a more missionary and merciful church that gets its hands dirty as it seeks out the poor and oppressed.

Give the podcast a listen and pass it on to your friends…
Happy Thanksgiving…
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Angela Hill: Why East & West Jeff Hospitals Should Start Over
Perhaps the biggest decision the Jefferson Parish council will ever have to make is who will run East and West Jeff Hospitals.
What started out as a difficult and complex decision has degenerated into a more difficult and complex decision.
A well-known consulting firm was hired to help the council make the decision, but after 1.3 million dollars in fees, it essentially said each hospital should get its own lease.
Back to square one.
In a sea of voices giving opinions on what to do…one stands out…Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, long time Jefferson physician and now the parish coroner.  He says, “Whoa!  Let’s start over again.”
And he is very serious about that.
Today we talk with Dr. Cvitanovich to find out if it’s such a radical idea.

Click here to download the podcast
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Angela Hill: Open Book with Derek Kevra
For four years he has been part of a great team of WWL-TV meteorologists.
Derek Kevra hit Rampart Street and fit in immediately.  His easy going, but professional style earned him respect from everyone at Channel 4.  But, his great smile, wonderful sense of humor and terrific sense of fun endeared him to the whole community.
Whether explaining the intricacies of an approaching storm, or helping Eric and Sally Ann learn something new in technology…Derek Kevra became one of our own.
That’s what makes saying goodbye so tough.  Derek is going back home to Detroit where he started his profession and where his family still lives.  He’s also excited about building a new life with his fiancée, Melissa 
But, I’ll bet he’ll leave New Orleans with more than the dog he adopted at the SPCA and  some great recipes for red beans.
I bet Derek Kevra will take home four years of extraordinary memories and the knowledge that the Crescent City will always be his second home.
We spent an hour getting up close & personal with Derek.  It was truly a blessing to hear about New Orleans from the perspective of a newly adopted son.  Not to mention the story of how Derek proposed.   It’s a story you’ll definitely want to share…

Here's audio of Derek explaining to Angela on the radio how he proposed. Warning: Make sure you have tissue: Listen here
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Angela Hill: Open Book with Morten Andersen
Morton Andersen has been named a semifinalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
My question is…why did it take so long?

Morten has had a near perfect 25 year career in the NFL…setting incredible NFL records.

Most points career...2,544
Most games played…382
Most consecutive games scored…360
Most field goals…565
Most field goals attempted…709

That doesn’t count the Pro Bowl records and team scoring records.

Like i said, what’s taken so long?

All we know is that Morten Andersen was beloved in New Orleans for the 12 years he played for our New Orleans Saints, and he’s just as loved and respected by Who Dats today.

Morton Anderson may have moved to Atlanta, New York, Kansas City and Minnesota…but he is ours and always will be.

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Angela: Could you represent yourself in court?

AUDIO: Angela talks self-representation with Michael Schachtman and Richard Leefe

Let’s say you’re going through a divorce… or being evicted…or facing any number of legal issues…and you don’t have the money to hire a lawyer.  What do you do?  Well, in a growing number of cases you go to court and represent yourself.

It’s called self-represented litigation.  According to a recent Bar Association journal…50 to 60 percent of cases in state courts around the country are now handled by non-lawyers…people like you and me who are representing themselves.

How does that work?  More importantly… is it working?

In these turbulent economic times where job loss, downsizing, rising healthcare costs, increased debt, and foreclosures are driving people faced with divorce, custody battles and lawsuits to defend themselves.  Hope it doesn’t ever happen to you, but what if it did?

Don’t miss invaluable information from our guests:  Richard Leefe, president of the Louisiana Bar Association and Michael Schachtman, who runs the self-represented litigation council/ access to justice program for the  Louisiana State Bar Association.  

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Angela: What really happens when you go to jail?

If you are arrested… you are innocent until proven guilty.  And, if you can show you are not a flight risk or a risk to be re-arrested, you shouldn’t have to wait in jail till the trial.

AUDIO: Angela talks about pre-trial services in Orleans Parish

But in Orleans Parish, what often dictates whether you stay in jail till you go to court is money.  Do you have the money to bond out?  History shows poor people and people who aren’t financially liquid and don’t have available funds often sit in jail waiting for a dismissal, or plead guilty often to a minor charge.

It costs taxpayers a lot to keep them in jail, when they could be home or at work while waiting for the wheels of justice to roll on.

The effort to change this has been in the works for almost two years.  It’s called pretrial services.
It’s working. It’s saving taxpayers and it’s the right thing to do.

No one who is not a risk should be languishing in jail just because they don’t have the money to get out.  

If you missed our show, don’t miss useful information and a fascinating discussion in our podcasts.  Our guests:  Calvin Johnson, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Human Services District & retired Orleans parish Criminal District Court judge; Jon Wool, Director of the Vera Institute of Justice in New Orleans, Luceia LeDoux, VP Public Safety & Governmental Oversight Grants for the Baptist Community Ministries; and Pres Kabacoff, Developer and vocal supporter of New Orleans Pretrial services.


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Angela Hill: Is information the real key to lasting fitness?

UPDATE: Listen to Angela's conversation with Mackie Shilstone

We saw him in the stands cheering on Serena Williams at the U.S. Open.  We’ve seen him ringside watching boxers Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones.  And, when major league baseball player Ozzie Smith, was inducted into the Hall of Fame, it was this man he thanked.

We are talking about Mackie Shilstone, who for almost 40 years has helped sports legends become the best they can be.

What’s nice is Mackie has spent those same four decades helping everyday people like you and me through his books, weekly interviews on the WWL-TV morning news and through "The Fitness Principle with Mackie Shilstone" at East Jefferson General Hospital.

This is a man who believes we must take control of our health and our lives through information.  It is knowledge that can make our lives better and in some cases, can save our lives.  We just have to care enough about ourselves to take charge. 

Today Mackie will try to make fitness easy… we’ll talk about the Top 5 things we can do to get healthy, fit and motivated.  Don’t miss his Top 5 healthy tips to prolong life; relieve knee joint pain, curb obesity and lots more… today at 3pm!

Join me, won’t you?

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Angela Hill: Scammers have no conscience, and they could be coming for you

Just when you think scammers can’t come up with another idea on how to get your money, another scam is born. I don’t know whether I’m more offended by the sheer audacity of those who live to rip us off, or by the use of their creative sides for such malevolent goals.
These characters are without conscience or heart and strictly want to steal from you. It may be your money or your identity, but you will be their victim nonetheless; unless you know how to protect yourself.

READ MORE: Fake IRS agents target Louisiana

We all have to be more and more alert. It is a pain, but so is losing money or trying to retrieve your identity! That’s why today we are getting the latest from the experts in  the world of scams. We'll talk to Micheal Anderson, Special Agent in Charge of the local FBI office, Sanettria Pleasant, Director of the Public Protection Division of the Louisiana Attorney General’s office, and Cynthia Albert, VP of Operations at the Better Business Bureau.

Join me, won't you?

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Angela Hill – an Open Book with Charmaine Neville
She has been called the best set of lungs in New Orleans.  But, to anyone who really knows her… the lungs may be great, but her heart even greater.  Charmaine Neville is the whole package …part singer, part dancer, part comedian…100% entertainer.
She comes from great musical genes…her mother an opera singer; her father Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers.
But, what has given Charmaine soul is the both exhilarating and painful life she has lived.  Shuttled between foster homes, then living with a mother who had problems…and finally meeting her famous father at 16.
But, through it all…a voice and a passion that came through from a little girl to the accomplished artist she is today.
Charmaine Neville has survived it all…a tough beginning, the destruction of her home by Katrina, being raped in the storm’s aftermath and then conquering a devastating brain disease.
She’s indomitable and a continued blessing to the world of music and to the people of New Orleans, who have been the beneficiary of her amazing heart. 
Please join me for my “Open Book” with Charmaine Neville today at 3pm. 
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Angela Hill: Will parents heed the warning about electronic & social media?
Some pretty strong language to parents from the doctors, who take care of their children…the American Academy of Pediatrics.  They warn parents that they should ban electronic media during mealtimes and at bedtime.
That’s major, as kids today are all but consumed with all kinds of media from television, videogames and music.  And, let’s add to that texting, tweeting and facebooking.
This is not a moral judgment…rather one that is focused on the potential for serious health issues.
The Pediatric Association says excessive media use is associated with obesity, poor school performance, aggression and a lack of sleep.  But, for many parents it’s going to require real tough love.
Can you take away your kid’s many media connections even for a few hours?  No one says it will be easy, but it may be one of the best things you can do to help your kids.
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Angela Hill: Do You Have A Million Dollar Idea?
How many times have you looked at a product or even an idea and said, “I could have done that!”
Actually, how many  times have  you  thought of something and thought…”Wow!  This could make me millions.”
You are not alone. Many have come up with something that started as a thought and progressed to a product.  But, what is the process that takes it from that thought to reality?  How do you protect your million dollar idea and then carry it forward?
That’s what we’ll find out today from two experts in the field. 
Join me, won’t you?
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Angela Hill: New Orleans Greatest Leader Was Not Elected
I have often said the greatest leader in New Orleans was never elected.  Dr. Norman Francis, President of Xavier University of Louisiana, has led an extraordinary life.
At thirty-six, he became President of Xavier and is now the longest running university president in America.  You only have to drive on the I-10 to see a complex of beautiful buildings to understand the vision and leadership of one man.
He has been given every honor from the Times Picayune’s “Loving Cup” to the National Medal of Freedom, but for those who know him…it will never be enough.  Norman Francis is that rare person who has influenced the lives of generations of people and impacted a city in a lasting way…all while being the proud, but humble son of a barber. 
Don’t miss his incredible story. 

AUDIO: Angela Speaks with Norman Francis

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