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Posts from October 2013

Angela Hill: OPEN MIC with Archie Manning
Archie Manning may have been born in Drew, Mississippi, but he is very much ours.
His name is synonymous with determination, perseverance, excellence and humility…rarely seen in one person.
His football legacy is legend and now his life better known since the release of “The Book of Manning,” a documentary about his life from birth to today.
Although it is football that is the thread through the entire production, it is much more the story of man who valued family above all.
Revered for his athletic skills both at Ole Miss and with the New Orleans Saints, perhaps we all
know now that what Archie always had his eye on was being a good father, a good husband and a good citizen. 
In that arena Archie has truly won the Super Bowl.
Please join me for our next OPEN BOOK with our beloved Archie Manning today at 3pm!
P.S.  if you haven’t seen this amazing documentary, “The Book of Manning”…here’s it is:

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Angela Hill: Hope for Central City?
Central City in New Orleans has long been the center of complete sadness.  The numbers take your breath away...because the numbers are people.  Fewer than 20 percent of the kids there live with two parents.  25% of children live with a caretaker other than a parent.  50% of central city residents live in poverty.  The murder rate there is four times the city average.
As the rest of New Orleans has been living a revival post Katrina, it’s like Central City is a dead zone.
But, that’s not entirely true, in part because of the efforts of a small group of highly motivated street warriors, people whose primary function is to prevent the cycle of sadness in the young and to give a hand up to those who have already gotten in trouble, paid the piper and now must start again.
They are members of the Youth Empowerment Project and they are saving lives. 
It may be the last great hope for Central City.
Note:  If you’re weary of all the violent crime committed by children and teens, don’t miss a close-up look at this innovative and effective program, that’s stemming the cycle and really making a difference between a life of poverty, jail or death for them…and one of hope for our community.   
Our guests at 3pm:   Melissa Sawyer, Director of the Youth Empowerment Program and retired judge Calvin Johnson.
Please join us…
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Angela Hill: OPEN BOOK with U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite
New Orleanians demanded it would be a new day after hurricane Katrina…that  it wouldn’t be business as usual….that we would be a better, more transparent and honest community…and that corruption wouldn’t be tolerated.
Among those who stepped up to move it in that direction was Jim Letten and the office of the U.S. Attorney.  For years there was a sense that public and private corruption were successfully in its cross hairs.
But last year…a bombshell!  What has been labeled as “grotesque prosecutorial misconduct ended the career of Jim Letten and his top two prosecutors.  It was shocking, disappointing and on some level infuriating that the very office we were depending on to help clean up the area…was in fact…not playing clean.
The fallout from this is still going on…
But, it is a new day for the U.S. Attorney’s office…with a new man at the helm…a New Orleanian whose life may have begun at the Calliope housing project, but has taken to him to school at Harvard and Georgetown and to work as a prosecutor in New York City.
Kenneth polite has come home again. 
He’s my guest today at 3pm.  Join us, won’t you?
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Angela Hill: OPEN BOOK with Chef John Besh
In a world of wonderful chefs…John Besh is a superstar.
He’s won every award there is from the James Beard “Best Chef in the Southeast” to “The Silver Spoon Award.”   All for good reason…he’s good.  No, great.  That alone would make him a superstar.
But, what raises John Besh beyond a great chef is this is a multi-dimensional man.  He’s a  husband, father of four sons, a former Marine who fought in Desert Storm, an author, TV star, philanthropist and now a super businessman, who has built an empire.
How did he do this…this kid from Slidell, Louisiana?  I’ll bet he says hard work, luck and good people around him.  But, it’s more than that, and that’s what we are going to discover in our next one-on-one with John Besh.
Please join me.
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Angela Hill: Angola warden Burl Cain on Moral Rehabilitation
Louisiana imprisons more people than any other place in the world.  In the world!  How can that be?
Do we have more criminals than any other place in the world?  It is costing a fortune.  In some parishes the prison industry is an economic engine.
Burl Cain is the longest running warden in the nation.  He began his work in prisons 30 years ago and has been the head warden at Louisiana’s Angola State Penitentiary for the last 17 of them. Burl Cain has seen the growth in the numbers of those incarcerated and has his own thoughts about why and what might be done to slow it down.
But Burl Cain is also here to tell us about some programs at Angola that are making a difference to those who may get out and to those who will never leave.  What exactly is “moral rehabilitation?”  How do you help inmates with little hope discover value and purpose in life? 
Why did a prisoner escape another penitentiary with only one hope…to return to Angola?  
We’ll find out.  Join me, won’t you…
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Angela Hill: Robin Roberts inspires
She is beloved for her smile that lights up a room, her ability to talk to anyone  from presidents to super stars and  her strength over  incredible adversity.
Robin Roberts is the whole package.
Sister of WWL-TV’s Sally Ann Roberts… she was a super star athlete at Southeastern holding school records for points scored on the women’s basketball team.   Then on to television where she was a superstar anchor in Atlanta, Nashville, ESPN and finally at ABC…where as co-anchor on “Good Morning America” Robin has traveled the world covering incredible events.
But, it was Robin Robert’s personal  story of first defeating breast cancer only to battle another disease five years later that  captured our hearts.
With a bone marrow transplant from Sally Ann, Robin has again won the fight and today is back to work, back writing books and back in New Orleans to help her sister.
And, we get to talk to her about all those victories!!!
Please joins us, won’t you?
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Angela Hill: Anne Rice comes home
It has been 37 years since her vampire Lestat captured the imagination of millions of readers and helped create what is nothing short of an Anne Rice cult.
The author, wife and mother came home to New Orleans to continue her writing, renovate a number of spectacular homes and leave her mark as a proud and fun citizen.
Yet, when her son, Christopher, moved to California the calling was too loud and we lost her to that other coast, where she continues to write…recently finishing her 31st novel.
But, it doesn’t matter where Anne Rice  lives now…New Orleans never lets the one it loves go.
She is ours and always will be.
Anne Rice is here this weekend to sign her latest book and to attend the 25th annual Lestat Ball, a tribute to her imagination and the lasting affection  her fans from around the world have for her.
Today, we’ll talk to this literary legend.  Please join me, won’t you?
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Angela Hill: NOPD Details – the War Rages On
Police officers lost round one in their battle to keep their detail work under their own system.  A federal judge ruled in the City of New Orleans’ favor yesterday.  It may be a battle lost, but the war still rages. 
As you know, the New Orleans Police Department is under a federal consent decree governing many reforms in the department. But, no part of the decree has elicited more outrage from the rank and file than the new method of divvying out” details.” 
In the past, detail work was negotiated and scheduled by the police themselves.  After a federal investigation, a federal prosecutor described the old system as “an aorta of corruption.”  And, even though that federal prosecutor resigned, under investigation, there is a new Office of Secondary Employment that will be making the decisions on which officers go where. 
Police officers are not happy and there are many reasons why.  That’s what we are going to talk about today.
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Angela Hill: An OPEN Book with Sally Ann Roberts & Eric Paulsen
We have known them for over 30 years as the ones who wake us each morning with the first news of the day on local television.
The chemistry between WWL-TV’s Sally Ann Roberts and Eric Paulsen has lifted us through good times and pulled us up through during bad times.  Their professionalism is unmatched, and their loyalty to the city and to each other invaluable.
It’s no surprise then they have collaborated on something other than a morning newscast.  The faith of Sally Ann and the vision of Eric are now in a beautiful book entitled…Your Power Is On.  They call it a little book of hope…born out of the struggles of life and the beauty of the earth.
Sally Ann Roberts lives her faith every day, sees the best in all of us and even facing devastating losses never loses hope.
Eric, on the surface a man of laughter and fun, has a depth revealed in the magnificent photographs he has taken on the streets of New Orleans and around the world.
Together this team has created something very special…something more lasting than a newscast and as meaningful as their friendship.
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Angela Hill: S.O.S. – Animal Lovers We Need Your Help
The Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society has been saving animals in the parish for years.  First it was an all-volunteer group just trying to find homes for the unwanted.  Then over a decade they built a relationship with the parish…and after hurricane Katrina they built the first new animal shelter in the area.  It was a perfect marriage between a non-profit wanting to save as many animals as possible and a government that had the responsibility to be the dog catcher.
But this June the director of the PAWS part of the shelter was arrested for embezzlement. She faces felony charges.  Paws members were devastated.  But, now they face an even bigger crisis…trying to keep the shelter open.
They have built systems in the operation that would prevent theft from ever happening again. They have a new director, and they have the passion of saving animals in Plaquemines as they always have.
But now they need money and it is not just money to replace what was stolen, but money they spent helping untold families during and after Hurricane Isaac.
It is an organization that has done so much right. It has helped so many for so long.

Now it needs your help.
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Angela Hill: Can We Live to Eat and Eat Well in New Orleans
We are a city that lives to eat.  Why not?  We have the best food on earth!  Whether it’s a gourmet dinner at a great restaurant or a dinner fit for a king made by your mamma…food is a major focus of our culture.
The flip side of that is we are frequently cited as among the fattest and most unhealthy states.
Can we have both…terrific food and good health?
You bet your life…literally.
Just ask New Orleanians Eric and Maleka Beal.  Together they lost 300 pounds and still eat with great passion.  This is a couple who can talk about having it all…and I can’t wait to hear how they did it!
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Angela Hill: Battling Breast Cancer on the Front Lines
When Angelina Jolie had both her breasts removed to prevent the cancer that had taken the life of her mother and aunt, the world took notice.  Her decision to go public with an “elective double mastectomy” was a major teaching moment.   Women have one more opportunity to cut their odds of dying from breast cancer.
She was not the first woman to have this done.  In fact locally women have been having their breasts removed with the goal of prevention for some time.  Once the so called breast cancer genes were identified by a female geneticists, it offered women  with a strong family history a chance to be tested for them. It then gave them an option …
Tremendous inroads have been made in saving women from this disease…it is a battle now fought on many fronts.  Today we are talking to those who are on the front lines.
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Angela Hill: Stopping violence on our streets...and in our homes
It seems like the old one step forward another step back…fewer murders in New Orleans this year than last.   And, that is important.  But, the last month has been a “shooting field” for women and children. And, then there have been the ever present shootings of young men.  
Meanwhile, Louisiana is yet another Top Ten…this time for the number of women killed by men. This is the third year we’ve made that list, and it is appalling.
The overwhelming number of these murders are by men who know the women they kill. It is the ultimate act of domestic violence.
Violence on our streets, and in our homes…Why are we always so high in these statistics?  What are we doing or not doing to allow this to happen? 
In the case of domestic violence, do we have a culture that diminishes women more than other states?  Forty years ago there were no women’s shelters in the state.  Today we at least have these havens for women who try to escape.  It’s a major step forward.  But, there is still something terribly wrong when in this century where women can be educated, aspire to be anything…there are those who want to destroy their dreams and  control their daily lives.
And in the case of the near-daily murders, violent crime is complex and can’t just be fought by the police department.  On the streets, we as citizens expect a lot from the NOPD, and we should.  There are excellent officers, but not enough.  The issues of residency, how details are parceled out and even the question of whether cops should have tattoos that show…need to be resolved  quickly…like now.
New Orleans has a true culture of violence and the entire third army division couldn’t change it.  Solving the problems of violent crime, whether it be domestic violence or murders on our hometown streets, will not happen overnight.  Good people are fighting the fight for the people who feel powerless to do so themselves. Still, the only long term solution:  Change has to come from within. 
We will discuss both areas of violence on today’s show.  NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas will talk to us about what the NOPD has done, and is doing, to try to curb the epidemic of murder.  And, experts in the field of domestic violence will join me in studio to talk about how we put a stop to the violence against our mothers, sisters, and daughters.
It’s all today on “An Open Mind.”  Join me, won’t you?
ALSO TODAY:  Two referees arrested at a high school football game for “public intimidation.”  Did they deserve to be, or did authorities overreact?  Who’s in charge when a crowd gets out of control—refs or police?  And, what lesson did these adults teach students in the stands?  Don’t miss Angela - an open mind…with the legendary Angela Hill…weekdays 1 to 4pm on W-W-L!
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Angela Hill: How Do We Stop Elder Abuse?
There was a recent story out of Livingston Parish about a 43 year old man convicted of extorting money and property from a 75 year old woman, who thought she was in a romantic relationship with man.

Prosecutors say the man convinced the woman they would eventually marry. The 75 year old woman, who had been diagnosed with early onset dementia and depression 4 years ago, gave the man eighty thousand dollars from a reverse mortgage she took out on her home.

The 43 year old man was convicted of exploitation of the infirm.  More simply put…elder abuse.

It's a subject we need to talk more about.  As our population ages, more will be vulnerable to predators.  And the predators come in many forms…like this man in Livingston parish who will now go to prison.  Others are sometimes the people paid to care for the elderly.  

We’ll talk about it today.  Join me, won’t you?


P.S.  Although our Black and Gold heroes dropped a tough one on the road this weekend, the Who Dat Nation is stronger than ever.  Click here to view a great video of a visit by die-hard Saints fans, including a live performance of “Who Dat Dream” on my show by Dave Newman!

Also today on ANGELA:   Do you suffer with headaches?  Are they migraines?  Sinus headaches?  Cluster headaches?  What’s the root cause?  And, how do you prevent them or at least manage them?  Neurologist Dr. Caroline Barton takes your calls.  AND:  OPEN BOOK with Mary Lou McCall and John Young III about alcohol & drug addiction and family recovery.   

Photo via Creative Commons with attribution
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Video and podcast: Angela and Irma Thomas!

On Thursday, I was joined by a local legend on "An Open Mind."  The Queen of Soul Irma Thomas stopped in to talk about her music and her incredible life.

Click HERE to listen to the full audio podcast of our visit...

Click the window below to view a video clip of Irma talking about winning a Grammy...

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Angela: A visit today with Irma Thomas, the Queen of Soul
There wasn't a time in her life when she didn't sing.  We're talking about the Queen of Soul, Irma Thomas. 

How lucky for us that such an integral part of the fabric of our nation's best music is from right here in New Orleans.

For more than five decades, she has been the sound that helped define this city.  A voice that is at one moment all power, and the next, all heart. 

It's really no surprise when you know the woman she is.  A mother and wife at 14...A Grammy winner at 68.  This is a woman with a phenomenal story of love and perseverance.

What a treat it will be to sit down and talk with a woman who has lived not an easy life...but, one of joy.

Join me today, won't you?


P.S. I had a wonderful time visiting with Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan yesterday, as they talked about their long-term partnership as the voices of the Saints Radio Network, as well as telling us a couple of hilarious stories about their time together.  Click HERE to hear the podcast and video of our chat...

Also today on "An Open Mind:" Bullying is such an issue, there’s a national campaign to end it.  Have you or someone you loved ever been bullied?  PLUS:  Americans work more hours than ever, and with cell phones, we stay connected all the time.  That means increased stress.  What are the biggest stressors, and what's the best ways to de-stress?   ALSO:  Another Open Book, with New Orleans “Queen of Soul,” Irma Thomas.
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Angela's Wednesday Guests
On Wednesday, I had the honor of sitting down with Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan, the long-time voices of the New Orleans Saints Radio Network.  This dynamic duo talked about their long-lasting relationship, this year's outstanding Saints team, and also shared some hilarious stories.  

Click HERE to listen to the full podcast of our visit. 

Click the window below to view a video clip of Jim and Hokie telling me a great story about a trip to Hawaii that didn't go as planned:

Also on Wednesday, October 9:

The Super Bowl in 2018 would be a super treat for New Orleans:  Click HERE to listen to the podcast of my chat with Ron Forman, Chairman of the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District, and Jay Cicero, the President of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation.

From the Front Porch:  Lakeview community leaders joined me to talk about the status of crime, blight, potholes, streetlights, new business, and other issues.  Click HERE to listen to the podcast...

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Angela Hill: Give New Orleans a Super Present
Angela@wwl.com - 10.9.13

We know how beautifully we can host a Super Bowl.  Frankly, the world does too.  We have the perfect venue--a walk-able town, food fit for kings, more talent to entertain guests than any place on earth and a welcome mat woven with the love of all of us.

We want the Super Bowl back in 2018 and we should have it.  Not just for all the reasons just stated, but because it’s our 300th birthday.  Minneapolis and Indianapolis can have it after that…but, it’s our birthday…a big one and we want to throw the party.  Having the Super Bowl back would be like a giant present to New Orleans wrapped up in an international audience.

We also know that the powers that be know the Crescent City puts on the best show…no snow, sleet or ice…no pain in the behind transportation issues…and certainly no boring food.

I say…what’s the debate?  Give us the 2018 Super Bowl.  We’ll throw a party the world won’t forget and football fans everywhere can join us as we enter our next century!

Today on ANGELA: New Orleans is one of three cities that could host Super Bowl in 2018.  Why should the big game be in the Big Easy?  And what else do you want to see improve by our 300th anniversary?  Our guests: Ron Forman, Chairman of the Louisiana Stadium &^ Exposition District and President & CEO of the Audubon Nature Institute…and Jay Cicero, President & CEO of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation.   PLUS:  From the front porch.  This week we’ll spotlight Lakeview…the status of crime, blight, potholes, streetlights, street flooding, new businesses and more. Joining us:  Freddy Yoder, Vice President of the Lakeview Civic Improvement Association Board and Chair of the Infrastructure Committee; Ann LeBlanc, President of Lakeview Civic Blight; and Nancy Lytle w/the Lakeview Business Development Committee.   AND:  another open book…this time we’ll go one-on-one with our Saints Radio Broadcast team—the “Voice of the Saints” Jim Henderson and Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan.

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Angela Hill: New Orleans - A Shopping Mecca Again?
Angela@wwl.com - 10.7.13  Canal Street used to be the shopping mecca for not only New Orleanians, but area residents who wanted a special shopping experience.  Those days are sadly gone…gone with the family owned stores where memories were made and sales tax dollars collected.

The last 30 years shopping shifted to the suburbs…the malls as well as the large parking lots and the big box stores.  And with them all the sales tax dollars New Orleans so desperately needs.

But, like a breath of fresh air, new stores are coming back to town.  The Riverwalk is bringing in what they call a high end outlet mall anchored by a Neiman Marcus first call store.  Costco opened its first store off Carrollton Avenue.  A whole food market is almost completed on North Broad.  Walmart is building two new stores--one in Gentilly…the other in New Orleans East.
And on the West Bank…a Petco, a Ross Clothing store and a Mattress Firm will be right off General DeGaulle.  

Will New Orleanians support the new stores?  Will residents from outlying parishes come shopping?  The signs are good and the tax money could be even better.  And, we need it.

For every pot hole and street light out….the solution is more revenue to get them fixed.

More shopping sprees in New Orleans could be a very good thing.

Today I was joined on "An Open Mind" by Brenda Canada, Director of Retail Attraction with the New Orleans Business Alliance and Aimee Quirk, advisor to Mayor Landrieu on economic development.  We discussed the need to expand shopping and retail opportunities in New Orleans, and what it means for our continued recovery.   Click here to listen to the podcast of our conversation....
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Angela's 'Open Mind' - Monday, October 7
Monday, October 7 - In today's first hour, we talked with Louisiana State Police Captain Doug Cain and Lt. J. B. Slaton.  The recent Capitol Hill shooting is one example of the kind of instant pressure police officers face…instantly assessing the threat; the potential risk and proper actions to take.  When do police officers shoot?  When do they retreat?  When is the risk too big not to act with force?   Click here to listen to the podcast of our discussion...

Our second hour featured the first installment of "Crime Scene," in which we'll focus on an area in Greater New Orleans.  This week, it was Jefferson Parish with Sheriff Newell Norman.  We talked about the hot spots of crime in Jefferson, which crimes are prevalent and where, and how the community can help.  Click here to listen to the podcast of our talk...

In our third hour, I was joined by UNO Professor of Political Science Dr. Ed Chervanek and and Loyola's Dr. Daniel D'Amico, Professor of Economics to discuss the ongoing impact of the shutdown of the federal government. 
Click here to listen to the podcast of our visit...

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Angela Hill: The Fight For Animal Welfare is Strong & Loud
angela@wwl.com - 10.2.13   I was an animal lover long before I came to New Orleans. My mother and I would pick up strays before I knew what the words spay and neuter meant.  Actually, back then the words spay and neuter were probably whispered…like when your grandmother whispered “cancer.”
But just as the fight against cancer has raised the decibel of millions of voices who want a solution…the fight for animal welfare is strong and loud.  Spay and neuter is the mantra to solve so many problems.  You cut overpopulation…you cut the tragedy of abandonment and euthanasia.  It may not solve the issues of animal neglect and cruelty, but to stop the endless unnecessary death is  a major victory.
In 2005 before Hurricane Katrina, I did a story for WWL-TV about the rate of euthanasia in a five parish area…Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Charles and St Tammany. The shelters reported in the year 2004 collectively 32 thousand dogs and cats had been euthanized…32 thousand…in one year!  The reason I did that story was because the numbers were actually down… and we were looking at why.
Since Katrina the story is very different. There is still overpopulation.  There is still euthanasia, but much less….and that is a huge victory.  A victory  thanks to an army of people who  day in and day out fight in the trenches…do the dirty work…and get the job done of making the lives of animals better in our community.
Click HERE to listen to my conversation today with Animal Rescue of New Orleans CEO Charlotte Bass, SPCA Executive Director Anna Zorilla, Spaymart President Lynn Chiche and Jefferson Feed General Manager Lynn Morvant about animal adoptions
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Angela: A chat with Gayle Benson, the First Lady of Football
On Wednesday's show, I had a wonderful time talking with a dear friend who means much to me, and even more to our community.

Gayle Benson has become "The First Lady of Football" in our area, but she also has deep roots in New Orleans, going back to her humble upbringing in Algiers.

Click here to listen to my full interview with Gayle.

Click the window below to view a video of Gayle talking about how she and Tom Benson met.

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Angela Hill: Who Gets Food Stamps and Who Shouldn’t
Lost in the chaos of shutting down the federal government was the issue now before the Senate…whether to slash 40 billion dollars in the food stamp program.  It has already passed the house.  It’s 40 billion dollars over a ten year period…or four billion dollars a year…a lot of money.
Does it mean thousands of people will go hungry?  Or, is it an opportunity to reset the guidelines on who gets food stamps?  Should able bodied people be required to work to get the stamps or be in some type of job training? 
In 2001 the program served 17 million people at a cost of 15 billion dollars.  By June of this year there were roughly three times that many recipients…47.8 million…at a cost of about 75 million dollars.
Let’s talk to the Louisiana office of Food Stamps about why the big increase.  Who is getting food stamps?  How they qualified and what happens if this bill passes. 
That is a big increase…almost three times.  Was the financial meltdown of ‘08 and ‘09 and millions of lost jobs the reason for the increase?  How does one qualify here in Louisiana?

What are the restrictions on the use of food stamps?  Can you buy cigarettes and liquor?  How long can you receive food stamps?
President Obama waived the work requirement in ‘09 as part of his stimulus package, but as the economy gets better, shouldn’t that be put back on?
In fact, two states have already added it…Oklahoma and Kansas.  In both states able bodied people up to age 49 with no dependents will have to work 20 hours or be in job training…to get food stamps.
Oklahoma House Speaker T. W. Shannon said the work requirement would help food stamp recipients break their addiction to government subsidies.  Wisconsin will take the step next in July…and five states have not used the waiver.
No one wants to see anyone hungry in this country, but it is shocking that government figures show one in seven Americans are on food stamps. 
If this passes by next year 4 million people will be removed from the program starting next year.  After that, the Congressional budget office says about three million a year would be cut off.
An interesting figure is that the Census Bureau released a report last month that said the Food Stamp Program had kept about 4 million people above the poverty level.  (47 million people live in poverty...that’s close to the highest level in two decades.)

And, lastly:  The increase in the number of Americans on food stamps comes as most analysts agree the buying power for most Americans has fallen steadily over the last two decades.  If food stamps are helping make up the difference for many families…many working poor, would a cut in benefits accelerate the widening gap between the "haves" and "have-nots"…or eliminate abuse and encourage more Americans to be self-reliant?

Today on ANGELA:  at 1 o’clock--younger workers versus older workers.  More and more employers are seeing the perks of hiring baby boomers and older workers…while many Gen Y and Millennials proudly call themselves “slashies”…choosing several jobs rather than a career.   Is it the fear of becoming workaholics like their parents…or is about diversity and personal satisfaction?   Is it more of a lifestyle than a life path?  And, if you were hiring today, where would you make your investment?  PLUS:  Food stamps could be slashed by 40 billion dollars.  Who will it really affect…the working poor… people who’ve just fallen on hard times…or the people who’ve taken advantage of the system?   How will it affect Louisiana?   And, should you have to work to get food stamps unless you’re incapable?  ALSO at 3pm:  Angela’s 2nd “Open Book” conversation with the first lady of the New Orleans Saints, GAIL BENSON.   Don’t miss Angela... An Open Mind with New Orleans legend, Angela Hill…weekdays 1 to 3pm on WWL.  
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