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Posts from September 2013

ANGELA -- An Open Mind...an open invitation

angela@wwl.com - 9.30.13

I am so happy to be in my new home, WWL radio.

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It’s the same feeling I had when I drove down Rampart Street to go to work at Channel 4 almost 40 years ago.  Happy.  I don’t know how I knew New Orleans was the right fit, but it was…and it is.
I feel as if I have lived a four decade love affair with this city.  I have loved all that makes it so unique…every musical sound, every crawfish and beignet…and every smile of familiarity.  
Not every place in this world is interesting.  We are.
Not every place has personality.  We do.
And not every place has spirit.  I frankly believe we invented it.
New Orleans has it all.  It’s fun.  It’s sassy.  It’s welcoming.  Yet, it’s complex and deep.
How many other cities could build a world class museum to World War II, AND have a museum to honor the cocktail?
How many places on this earth can shut down an entire city, throw a party for a million people and to the rest of the world it’s just a plain old Tuesday?
New Orleans is rich in everything that matters…history, culture and most importantly…the people who have created it all.
But, as in any love affair, I have also felt the disappointment, frustration and even hurt that happens when caring about something so much.  I love you, New Orleans for everything you are…but like so many citizens, I struggle with knowing all you could be.
It took a hurricane to right so many wrong…to finally fight for decent schools…to demand honesty and accountability from those in charge at every level of government…to scream collectively that we will not tolerate the worst crime reputation in the country.
As one who loves you, I see the many steps forward you have taken.  So many of our people have come home, and so many new young people have joined the family.  Our great restaurants are back…along with so many new ones.  Our tourism industry is on fire.  Our beloved City Park is flourishing.  Our theaters are reopening.  And, the incredible people who stood up after the storm to fight for our levees, our wetlands, and our future remain citizen warriors.  We are a stronger better place.
But as we take these amazing steps forward…we take a few back.
Some of the people we trusted embarrassed us.  Some of the people we depended on let us down.
We are suffering with the killing of so many children.  We are frustrated and weary with all crime.
This city is rare and special and it is so because of one thing…its people.  It’s the people who breathe life into New Orleans.  It’s only the people who can make us all we can be.
I feel strongly about so many things in our community and that’s what I hope this program can be…a place to talk about what is right…what is wrong…and what can be done to  be better.
Join me…with an open mind.   Tell me what is important to you in whatever part of Greater New Orleans you live, work or play in.

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