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Posted: Monday, 21 April 2014 6:24AM

''Boom'' reported early this morning

We had several people from St. Bernard, Jefferson and Orleans parishes report a loud noise just before five o' clock this morning. 

Here are some of the text messages people sent to 870870:

"Live in Meraux. House shook at around 4:50 am. Fire station by house emptied a few minutes later."

"Any reported explosion in the area. Loud boom heard minutes ago."

"Any news about an explosion in Chalmette? "

"Felt like something hit the house."

"I heard huge bang also. It was at 4:48. I work on the river right by convention center and marked the time."

"Heard the loud boom in upper Algiers close to Gretna." 

"We heard the same noise just before 5 o'clock and we live in Old Metairie."

St. Bernard Fire officials say the source of the "boom" was the Valero refinery in St. Bernard Parish. 

They say crews had to shut down a unit at the plan, but they say there is no leak and no one hurt.  St. Bernard officials say as a matter of protocol, State Police Hazardous Materials was notified.

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